The team

Student Cribs was founded in 2003 by Charlie Vaughan-Lee, our CEO. The team now consists of over fifty professionals across Investment and Acquisitions, Development, Portfolio Management, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Compliance and Maintenance. Our nationwide team is spread across our Central London headquarters, our Manchester and Newcastle regional offices, and across the 24 cities where our Cribs are located.


The Student Cribs team is full of university graduates, both young and old, ensuring we understand how student’s needs evolve over time, and allowing us to adapt the Student Crib’s offering to reflect our tenants current and future needs. We love what we do and work hard every day to make sure students get the most of their accommodation. We truly believe that students should enjoy a better standard of living, whilst experiencing the peace of mind that they are living somewhere secure, ensuring students get the most of their time at university.