Best Student Restaurants in Huddersfield: Top 10 Choices

Best Student Restaurants in Huddersfield: Top 10 Choices

Huddersfield has a great selection of places to eat as a student. From student-friendly restaurants to laid-back cheap eateries, Huddersfield has it all. 


2. Cafe Mandalay

Looking to travel?
This one of a kind restaurant is out of this world! With their fusion Asian and Burmese street food, this modern fusion restaurant has all you need for an exotic lunch or dinner. Café Mandalay’s generous portions are perfect for meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans!


3. Om is where the heart is

Sometimes you just don’t have the energy to cook, but how can you eat out without losing your healthy lifestyle? We have the place for you, at the heart of Huddersfield, “Om is where the heart is” has all the healthy options you could wish for (vegetarian and vegan options too!). Featuring yoga classes, fresh food and drinks, this café is all you need for a relaxing time. Start your new years resolutions by discovering the healthy lifestyle you desire!


4. Coffee Evolution

Popular restaurants aren’t always an option when you’re on a budget, don’t worry we have got you covered! Coffee Evolution is perfect for students. With prices ranging from £1.50 for a tart slice to £4 for a salad, this café has the perfect budget friendly selection.


5. Arcarde Coffee and Food

Prefer a more high-end café? Here is the perfect spot: “Arcade Coffee and Food” serves top notch coffee as well as delicious breakfast, brunch and lunch. With vegetarian and vegan options, this one of a kind coffee shop is also a great beer and cocktail provider!


6. Grappolo

Based in Lockwood Huddersfield, this next place is the combination of fine Italian food and tremendous customer service. This family friendly restaurant provides something for everyone with their selection of pizzas, pasta, meat and seafood. Looking for a place to host an event, birthday, christening or other? Grappolo has their very own function room for any celebration! Excellent Italian wines, cocktails, beers, spirits and non-alcoholic drinks can be found in their delicious menu.


7. Miller and Carter

Sometimes all you wish for is a delicious hamburger with exceptional meat and fries. This place serves the most outstanding cheese burgers and have made providing the perfect steak an art. Vegetarian? Miller and Carter Steakhouse have an appetizing veggie burger for you. There’s no doubt that for a delightful, delicious lunch or dinner this restaurant is Huddersfield’s number one steakhouse.


8. Imran’s Indian Takeaway

Student life can be hard, with little to no time to cook, we are constantly looking for a quick and easy solution. This five-star rated Indian takeaway is very convenient if you are looking to get a delicious meal quickly. Imran Indian takeaway has it all: from vegan to vegetarian to halal meat, this fast food restaurant will provide a colourful, tasteful meal in a way that is most comfortable for you.


9. Ugarit

Fatosh, falafel, kebbeh shameh, Lebanese food has so much to offer, you won’t find better than Huddersfield’s very own Ugarit serves the best shawarma with a great value for money. There is no reason to hesitate, this is the finest Lebanese restaurant in town.


10. Rumpus Burger

A quick delicious meal? We have found the finest fast food in West Yorkshire: Rumpus Burger. Delicious fries, bacon and steak burgers, cheese sticks and more. It is everything you could wish for and more. A quick and easy meal with great taste and only the best produce on their captivating menu.

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