10 Cirencester Student Secrets

10 Cirencester Student Secrets

So, you’re thinking about coming to Cirencester for university. Firstly congratulations and secondly I hope you have strong liver. This place is special to every single person who has studied here because everyone knows everyone and it’s like a boarding school where you are allowed to drink.

Below are 10 ‘activities’ and tips to partake or do when you get here. My name is Archie Williams and I was chairman of the SU before I had to ‘resign’ instead I’m here on behalf of Student Cribs to make sure you know the ins and outs of life here and what to expect…

1. The Marlborough Arms

A great pub in the heart of Cirencester, possibly the best pub in the county if you want to go for a pint or a ‘session’. Ally the manager is incredibly friendly towards students and welcomes you in with open arms. The pub shows live sports every night and on saturdays there is a live music night with local bands providing the entertainment late into the evening. If you are an RAU student then this pub is the one, having won Cotswold pub of the year it’s a no brainer.

2. Long Country Walks

If you come to the ag college you enjoy the countryside, it’s pretty self explanatory. One thing every person must do with their time here is go on a walk to a nice pub for sunday lunch. A personal favorite is the stroll to Sapperton for a pint at the Bell. Walking through the Bathurst estate is amazing as you walk up the main path seen in the picture.

3. Come to campus everyday

If you live off campus in your first year like a lot of freshers late to the party do, then the best thing to help you settle and enjoy your time is come to campus EVERYday. It’s a great way to meet people and chill out in the atrium where supposedly ‘work’ gets done.

4. Join the Fishing Club

One of the better or more engaging clubs at Ciren is the fishing society. The club are forever holding socials and meets at local rivers, whether it be rainy days with a beer and some fly fishing, or a summer BBQ beside the river Thames the club have it all sorted. An annual trip up to Braelangwall fishing lodge is the highlight with the chance to catch some salmon in Scotland, getting your name in first is a must.

5. Watching the Uni rugby team

The team play every wednesday with either the 1XV or the 2XV at home it’s a superb chance to watch some ‘questionable’ rugby with a bottle of port in hand with your mates, so get out there and show some support.

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6. Friday Tythe night

The best night of the week, hands down. Do not go home Friday afternoon stay the night. I promise to all freshers that this is like no other night out you have ever experienced. Cheap pints, cheesey music, no security, it’s a recipe for a good night. For you 1st years it’s a 30 second walk due to the size of the campus.

7. Bledisloe Hall

Amazing place. The highlight of your time as a fresher, with a large lawn for you to muck around in, it’s known as the party halls for a reason so make sure you get a place, if not then Coad court is the next best.

8. Point to Points

There are so many race meets around the cotswolds which every one flocks to. You simply can’t beat a race meet and a hip flask of sloe gin. Plus old boys come back for them so it’s a good way to meet older years and hear stories of what they got up to.

9. Somewhere Else

No not another place to go but a cocktail bar conveniently located around the corner from the Marlborough. Doig 2 for 1 deals the majority of the nights you are sure to find yourself in capable hands. The espresso martinis (Milton Keynes Office Party) are unreal and will provide you with enough fuel to kick off a night or celebrate end of the term.

10. Jolly Nice

The farm shop located about 5 minutes towards Stroud offers up brilliant food like Kentucky Fried Pheasant or avocado on toast. Handy after a night out or a sunny lunch. The farm shop is awesome offering up local produce and a wine collection not to dissimilar to that of a wine collectors. Make sure to go its a corker.

We hope you enjoyed going through our article and that you discovered new things  to do in Cirencester. If you also know some secret activities in town, leave it in the comments below!

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