10 Fallowfield Student Secrets

10 Fallowfield Student Secrets

Fallowfield is the extremely popular area of Manchester that you will inevitably end up living in. This diverse area creates the central hub of Manchester student living and undoubtedly will be where you make most of you memories while at University. With bars, pubs, restaurants, cafes, shops, everything you ever need will be on your doorstep while living here. So what are the secrets of Fallowfield? Read on to find out what we think…

1. New Zealand Wines

The first and probably one of the most useful spots to be aware of in Fallowfield is New Zealand Wines. Open till the early hours of the morning and blasting music to raise spirits before and after a night out, they are seemingly always open to provide the essentials, from alcohol to batteries. They’ll cater for your every needs.

Click the link to visit to find out more: New Zealand Wines

2. The Beer Studio

If you’re looking for a nice lunch spot, but don’t want to break the bank, make a trip to The Beer Studio. Compared to Spoons, they charge a fair amount for a pint, however their food menu is always ‘buy one get one free’, meaning if you go with a friend you basically get a half price meal. The food is amazing, the vibe is relaxed, and you can’t go wrong when you get a burger and chips for £3.50.

Click the link to visit to find out more: The Beer Studio

3. Mauldeth Road Station

Something I wish i’d discovered sooner is Mauldeth Road Station. It was such a small discovery but is game-changing. It is a small train station, a five minute walk from Edgerton Road, that takes you direct to Manchester Piccadilly Station in 7 minutes, and Manchester Airport in 15 minutes. After all, who has an hour to waste sitting in traffic on a Magic Bus to get to Piccadilly?

4. Koh Tao

Koh Tao, a Thai beach bar  in Fallowfield, is a great small venue to go out to for lively evening drinks, or to discover some new student event nights trying their luck in the Manchester clubbing scene. Many big events now hosted at Antwerp began their time in Koh Tao!

5. The Ram & Shackle

The Ram & Shackle is a quintessential Fallowfield student bar. Sitting just outside of the main centre of Fallowfield, it’s off putting exterior should not deter you as its interior holds a lively social scene where you can grab a pint for next-to-nothing.

Link to their Facebook page: The Ram & Shackle

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6. Kebab King

This article wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Kebab King. Sitting amongst many takeaways in Fallowfield, Kebab King stands out purely because of its legendary owner, Paz. They serve great kebabs, pizza and chips, perfect when returning from a night out, and you get the added bonus of meeting and chatting to the infamous Paz. He even has his own Facebook Fan page.

7. Friendship Inn 

The Friendship Pub is a focal point in Fallowfield, and a popular drinking spot for the majority of students living in the area. They hold weekly pub quizzes (a great way to get the house/flat together) and show all the big sports matches. Their outside heated area is the perfect social space to enjoy a drink on a Friday evening, after a long week of Uni.

Check out their website here: The Friendship Inn

8. The Font

The Font has always been a popular spot for food and drinks amongst Fallowfield students. They are known for their amazing £2 cocktails, which makes it a busy evening spot. Their food is exceptional and they offer a huge range of options for vegans and vegetarians also. Something for everyone!

Check out their website here: The Font

9. Be on Time

Now a secret for all those students who have reached their overdraft limit and can no longer afford to eat (many of you i’m sure). If you venture to Sainsbury’s or Tesco’s at around 4pm, the staff begin to reduce a lot of the fresh food and ‘meals to go’ that are due to go out of date. You can often grab yourself a sandwich for 80p, bargain.

10. Withington

The final fallowfield secret all students should explore actually sits right on the edge of Fallowfield, a place called Withington. Just a 5 minute walk beyond the Sainsbury’s landmark, you’ll discover a place full of individual restaurants (Vegan and Vegetarian), Jazz bars and, my personal favourite, Solomon’s Cafe. Every Sunday evening when you purchase a drink as Solomon’s, you get free unlimited cheese and crackers, amazing! All the cafes and bars have a relaxed, chilled vibe to them and sit just outside the hustle and bustle of the student hub. Withington even claims to have the ‘best sushi restaurant in town.’ If that doesn’t tempt you, I don’t know what will.

Visit their website here: Solomon’s Cafe

Hopefully this article has given you an idea of some of the hidden secrets of Fallowfield to go and check out, and potentially lead you to uncover more wonders of the UK’s busiest student hub! If you think we’ve missed something, leave it in the comments below!

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