10 Leeds Student Secrets

10 Leeds Student Secrets

Being a student in a city you’ve never been to or don’t know much about can be quite stressful, especially when it comes to trying to socialise and find your favourite spots to go to. We’ve put together a list of places that you may not have heard about or were unsure about checking out, so we’ve done all the hard work and all you need to do is gather a few friends and explore.

                         Meanwood Valley Trail

If you’re looking for some peace and quiet after a busy day, Meanwood Park is the place to be. Put your earphones in and take a few hours out from your day to destress and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

                         Temple Newsam Tunnel Tour

If you like exploring and are into creepy things, the tunnel tour at Temple Newsam could be quite enjoyable for you. At the time, the tunnels and cellars were used by staff who worked at the house; they used the tunnels to go from one wing of the house to the other. How fascinating!

                         The Greedy Pig

Best known for their delicious breakfast menu, this is bound to cure your hangover! However, if you don’t wake up in time for breakfast and brunch, The Greedy Pig transforms into The Swine That Dines, where you can order small dishes from a creative menu that changes every month.

                         Everyman Cinema Terrace

Don’t go to the cinema just to watch a film, go to have a couple of drinks and a pizza on the terrace! Amazing views, movies, a margherita and a martini, what more could you possibly want?!

                         Boss Burgers

Affordable and yummy, Boss Burgers has truly bossed the burger game and you’d be silly not to try it… The desserts are pretty great too.

                         Maven Bar

This hidden bar with a prohibition theme is definitely different from your standard bar or club in Leeds. Offering a unique experience, this could be a fun alternative to your usual nights out.

                        Water Taxi

Yeah, you read that right. Located at Leeds Dock and Granary Wharf (the only two stops), you can hop on a water taxi and enjoy the scenic journey for free!


Not just great for a super chilled night with friends but also great for anyone who hasn’t tried a ‘Frizza’ yet (a pizza fritta). The beer garden is pretty cosy too.

                         Tropical World

One of the UK’s largest tropical and animal collections (behind Kew Gardens) housed within greenhouses is available for you to enjoy. Maes a change from going to the park.

                         Hyper Reality Experience

The UK’s first virtual reality-powered experience has opened in Leeds and it’s definitely worth visiting! In a team, you have 15 minutes to work together to complete a mission, amazing!

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