10 Loughborough Student Secrets

10 Loughborough Student Secrets

Now that you’re a Loughborough student, it is time to get yourself out there to enjoy what the place has to offer. No point in living somewhere new if you aren’t going to enjoy it! Make yourself some fab memories that you can cherish and meet some great people along the way, you won’t regret it. So, here at Student Cribs we have put together a list of places you must visit.

                       Queens Park

Ideal location to chill out with your friends, or to study, Queens Park and picnics go hand in hand. What’s even better is, it’s free! Perfect for the student budget.


Being hungover is not ideal, but being hungover and going to Goodliffes Bar for breakfast (or any meal) will instantly help banish that throbbing headache and ready you for your next night out. Well priced and delicious, what more could you want?

                       Tarboush Restaurant

As always, it wouldn’t be a Student Cribs Student Secrets post without mentioning loads of food options. Tarboush is a popular Mediterranean restaurant located on Market Street and he menu is enough to get your mouth watering.

                       Great Central Railway

Check out all the many events taking place throughout the year and enjoy a little bit of British history by being a tourist for the day. Learn all about the railway line and have a great day out at the same time.

                       Beacon Hill

Enjoy nature and brilliant views from Beacon Hill, great if you’re in the mood for a peaceful walk or (yeah, you guessed it) a picnic. With many events held here too, you’ll always have something to do. Sunset at Beacon Hill is particularly recommended.

                       The Griffin

Live sports (entertainment), drinks (important) and delicious food (vital), the Griffin has the full package when it comes to a chill yet fun night.

                       The Organ Grinder

Another great pub with student friendly prices will add to its child vibes, garden and many events as well as live music, you’ll find this pub quickly becoming one of your favourites.

                       Break Escape

Escape rooms can be great fun and a great change from your usual activities. Grab some of your closest friends and head down there to see just how well you can all work together to escape one of the themed rooms.

                       45 Gin School

Thought we’d switch it up from our usual bar and restaurant recommendations and include this awesome place. If you love gin then this is the place for you, with the experience including making your own gin to take home with you!

                       Jump Giants

Another attempt at switching it up, we’ve thrown in an indoor trampoline park! Who says trampoline parks are just for kids? Show off your backflips and have a laugh with your friends.

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