10 Oxford Student Secrets

10 Oxford Student Secrets

Home to one of the best universities in the world, Oxford is a great place to study, but you don’t need us to tell you that. However, what you may need are some ideas of things to do while you’re here! You may have been recommended some cool, well-known locations to visit, but what about the lesser known cool spots (or ones that students simply won’t think about)? Here at Student Cribs, we’ve got you covered, all you have to do is get your friends and set off!

                   Hinksey Pool

Fancy a swim? Lucky for you, there’s an outdoor heated swimming pool in Oxford! With classes, sessions and courses available or head down for a swim with some mates, either way you’re bound to have a fab time. It would be silly not to…

                    Oxford Ice Rink

From a pool in the warmer months to an ice rink in the colder months, Oxford has got you covered. What’s even better is that it isn’t’ too far from Oxford city centre, so it’s pretty ideal for those who want to go straight after uni.

                    Vaults & Garden Café

This café is in a 1320 building that has vaulted ceilings and a gorgeous garden. As if the Instagram worthy setting isn’t enough of a reason to go, the food is delicious too!

                    Quod Restaurant

It wouldn’t be a Student Cribs blog post if it wasn’t full of food recommendations, now would it? Bearing in mind this may not be too purse friendly for students, it’s a great option for special occasions or somewhere you can hint to your parents so they can take you when they come to visit *evil laugh*.

                    Turf Tavern

After some mouth-watering food? That’s a silly question, who isn’t?! This pub serves up some of the most delicious food we’ve seen, especially those burgers. Picture Homer Simpson when we thinks about food, that’s us right now (oh and Turf Tavern do doughnuts too! *drools*).

                   New College

If you don’t know about New College, then you’ve been missing out! The location was where the famous scene involving Moody and Malfoy takes place in Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire. If you’re a Harry Potter fan it’s definitely worth a visit.

                    The Ashmolean Dining Room

Weather looking particularly lovely today? Then be sure to check out this place, especially as it has a rooftop restaurant and bar. There’s just something cool and fun about doing things on a rooftop, above and away from everything else that’s down below.

                    The Mad Hatter

It’s all in the name, what more is there to say? Head down there if you’re feeling like having a unique experience and trying out new and different drinks, but they still serve the classics so there’s something for everyone.

                    The Varsity Club

With a total of four levels (cocktail bar and dance floor, private hire, Moroccan Lounge, and the roof), if you go here, chances are you’ll never get bored due to the many options you have. The roof is our favourite (duh), and makes for a great evening out with your friends, or that Tinder date. 

Described as having a friendly atmosphere and another claiming it’s ‘the best in Oxford’, we’d hate to leave this restaurant and bar out of the list. Instead of going to the same places, why not mention this place in the group chat?

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