10 Places for food EVERY Leeds Student should try

10 Places for food EVERY Leeds Student should try

Leeds is a city bursting with over 30,000 hungry students looking to satisfy both their taste buds and their wallet, which is difficult considering the huge array of cafes, restaurants and bars that are still yet to be discovered. With so many of these places to explore, it’s a shame for students to always steer back towards the obvious, mainstream restaurants they will undoubtedly be familiar with. However, reading this guide will provide you with some fun and unique places for food, drinks and the entertainment or décor that comes with it.

1. The Cat’s Pyjamas are really the bee’s knees

With the menu being created by the youngest chef to have ever received a Michelin star, this is a restaurant worth checking out for its high-quality street food and jazzy cocktails. There is a range of nibbles and street bites to experiment but also more filling curries, all of which are under £10 making it an affordable meal for students.

What’s better, is that you and a friend can get your meal free through the restaurant’s “Mystery Diner” programme to ensure a high standard of customer service and food. Simply fill out your details on the website and provide feedback after the meal!

2. It’s time to elect your Pieminister

Get some classic English food at Pieminister, who serve a classic pie and mash to suit your taste. For what is known as a simple meal, the creators of Pieminister have elevated the common pub grub to create delicious, wholesome food, and also provides vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options!

Saturday afternoons come with the option of “bottomless brunch” where for £20, you can choose your lunch with an accompanied 90 minutes of endless prosecco, Aperol spritz, Bloody Mary’s and Mimosas!

3. BNOC or not, visit Almost Famous

This is the ideal place to grab some fun finger food and catch up with your mates. The whacky menu sets it apart from the typical cheese burger and milkshake, where you can try their Pig & Waffle Fries or their stacked burgers that can include halloumi, bacon or even beef chilli.

Alongside a catch up with friends, make use of their happy hour every single day from 3-7pm where you can enjoy 2-4-1 cocktails!

4. “Yeah Mum I’m in the Library… Pub”

A super cheap menu and student-friendly atmosphere, the Library Pub is perfectly catered to suit your needs. This is a place designed to help students out whether you need to quickly print something off or charge your phone, the staff have got you covered. The convenience of this alongside their sports showings and varied menu, makes this the ultimate option for young people.

Their current weekly offers include Churros Tuesday, where all day churros are served at a jaw dropping 25p each! Don’t have a sweet tooth? Then skip to Wing Wednesdays, where all sauces and wings cost an unbelievable 25p each after 5pm!

5. Say bonjour to Monsieur Dejuner

Sack off your boyfriend and say hello to Mr Breakfast! This café is perfect to study in, offering French food, music and subtle Parisian advertising dotted around the interior. Food sourced from local produce, this is a café that provides a relaxed atmosphere with good food.

6. You knead to try Dough Boys

A list of top 10 restaurants would not be complete without a recommended place for pizza! With pizza slices costing no more than a few pounds, their delicious toppings will keep you coming back and trying more! A recommendation is ‘Mushroom for improvement’ which has garlic mushrooms, red onions, ricotta and fresh basil pesto.

Grab a half price slice Sundays to Thursdays from 12-7pm, or Fridays and Saturdays 12-5pm.

7. Put your trust in Bundobust

Every students favourite duo: curry and beer can be found at Bundobust. Whether you’ll take their Bombay Dazzler beer or their coconut and mango mojito.

8. Chill out in Ice Scoop

Every had those times you’ve sat up late watching Netflix or chatting to your friends and suddenly had the urge for that calorific midnight snack, well Ice Scoop fulfils your sweetest desires for chocolate, Oreos, cookie dough and more.

9. The Brunswick

For those who crave a wholesome Sunday Roast, the Brunswick is for you to choose from beef, chicken, pork belly, nut road or beef wellington – all of which come with a Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes, carrots, cabbage all drizzled in gravy.

10. Get intoxicated by the Meatliquor

All foods indulgent and calorific, this place will have you hooked on a selection of cheeseburgers, chilli dogs, chicken and over 5 types of fries! Despite these kind of restaurants serving those who enjoy their meat and cheese, the menu does offer a range of veggie-friendly and vegan options for customers such as their burgaloo, onion rings and black bean chilli fries.

Their “hippy” hours includes a 2-4-1 deal on selected beers and cocktails; Monday to Friday, 4:30-6:30pm!

Accommodating over 25,000 students, Leeds is a city thriving with leisurely evenings and buzzing lunch breaks, which makes trying out a few of the mentioned restaurants and cafes an excellent opportunity to become a familiar foodie of this popular city.

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