10 Things Every Bristol Student Has to do

10 Things Every Bristol Student Has to do

Welcome to Bristol, you’ve officially arrived at one of the coolest universities in the country and will no doubt own a pair of Nike Air Maxs and a bum bag within the first few weeks of term. When you aren’t cutting shapes on the dance floor, here are a few ideas of activities that will cement you as a true Bristolian.

  1. 1. Cabot Tower Hike

After a heavy night what better way to sweat out all that alcohol and shame than climbing up the 109 steps to Cabot tower! By the time you’ve reached the top, the memory of you snogging that boy dressed as a jar of marmite at your sports social will be long gone. The views are worth the lightly traumatising climb.

  1. 2. Go to Lounge

You’re still hungover? Don’t stress just drag yourself to the Lounge! With a menu to rival the length of the Bible, this hotspot has a huge variety of food that will satisfy everyone in your gang. More food also means an excuse to come back and try new and exciting dishes! The breakfast deal is not one to be missed.

3. Get a takka takka

Another delicacy that every Bristol student should indulge in is a visit to Taka Taka, a Greek restaurant that specialises in wraps. Open 8am-11pm, this is the perfect place to stop for a late night snack.

  1. 4. Take a snap of Brunel’s masterpiece

It’s quite hard to miss and is one of Bristol’s most aesthetically pleasing features. The Clifton Suspension Bridge should be on every Briz students instagram at least once. The fans will love it!

  1. 5. Partake in hall rivalries

A little friendly competition never hurt nobody! Participating in hall rivalries is a right of passage in Briz. If you’ve found yourself in Wills or Clifton, get ready to be called a barbour jacket wearing poshie.

  1. 6. Go to lecture covered in glitter on face from Motion

What was once a rather fetching glitter mask has morphed a clear indicator that you have not had the chance to shower yet. Rocking up to a 9am smelling like a brewery and regretting your 6am bed time is a challenge every Bristol student will experience.

  1. 7. Catch a film at Watershed

A true celebration of independent film, Watershed is more than just a cinema it’s an institute of art! Grab a glass of wine in the bar, sit back and relax!

  1. 8. Ride in a hot air balloon.

Now this activity will take a little planning and cash but riding a hot air balloon in Bristol is a magical experience. See the city from above during Bristol’s International Balloon Fiesta (it’s the biggest one in Europe). Get up up and away!

  1. 9. Walk on the Downs

What better way to procrastinate from that mountain of work on your desk than heading to the downs and strolling through the idyllic bristol countryside. That exam prep will seem a million miles away and is the perfect place to stop for a picnic or a bottle of stress relieving wine.

  1. 10. Go on a Banksy Tour

He may have shredded one of his most famous painting but never fear, Bristol is the home of some Banksy’s most famous and thought provoking street art. Bristol is where it all began, it would be criminal not to take a peek.

At Bristol, you will struggle to be bored and hopefully you can tick some of these ideas off your uni bucket list before departing this weird and wonderful city.

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