10 Things Every Exeter Student Has To Do

10 Things Every Exeter Student Has To Do

Over the hills and far away, boys and girls in Hunter wellies come to play. Nestled in the beautiful Devon countryside, Exeter students are obsessed with their home away from home. Here’s a list of all the fun and fabulous things that every Exeter student will have inevitably done.

1.     Spend all your hard earned government loan in Pret

The sexy, more intelligent brother of Costa Coffee and located directly in front of the Library, every Exeter student has been found ordering a flat white in Pret at least once. Top tip: they give out at least one free coffee a day so ignore that raging hangover and slap on a smile.

2.     Eat a Firehouse pizza late at night

Three words better than I love you? Late Night Pizza! Whether you’ve been dancing the night away in Timepiece or putting in a shift at the library, Firehouse Pizza will always be there with open arms to greet you with pizzas the size of your primary school desk. Get a jug of their delicious cider to accompany your meal (the watermelon one is to die for)

3.     Party Hard at Hijacked

Forget Bestival and Glastonbury, Hijacked Festival is one of the highlights of every Exeter students year. Stick your face in a plate of glitter, tie a bandana around your head and dance in the sun (more likely rain due to Exeter’s spontaneous weather).

4.     Dress up fancy for EGB

Ever imagined what would happen if you stuck a bunch of finely dressed folk in a field with fairground attractions and a silent disco? Never fear, the Enchanted Garden Ball is a slightly more sophisticated event than the previously mentioned. The perfect way to celebrate a year at possibly the best university in the world.  

5.     Head to the Beach

Sure our clubs might close at 2am on a good day and pres can sometimes start at 6pm but our secret weapon lies a mere 20 minutes away. What better way to spend a Sunday than lying on the sand and paddling in the water at Exmouth beach. Grab some snacks, force your only housemate with a car to stop being a hungover baby and head to the sea!

6.     Experience Timepiece

Every Wednesday, all the sportsmen and women of Exeter congregate in the Great Smoking Area of TP, a sacred land for fancy dress and an outrageous amount of PDA. Grab yourself a bottle of wine and spectate from the benches or head straight inside for the main event. With 3 floors at your disposal there is really no excuse for not having a boogie.

7.     Do a pub crawl

Down in Devon, we are blessed with a fantastic selection of pubs that offer jaw droppingly good student prices. Why not gather a group of friends and take on the town? Venture into the Black Horse, The King Billy and plenty of other establishments willing to aid you on your journey to drunken misconduct. The Holy Grail of Pubs is the Imperial (spoons) which is a great spot to start and meander your way towards what should be a very messy night out.

8.     Inhale Cheesy Chips outside Unit 1

Drunk munchies are a blessing and a curse but luckily in Exeter there are many late night angels here to save your soul from a dirty hangover. One of the best is the cheesy chips van outside Unit 1. There are more photos of people eating this carb delight than actually inside Unit 1. Treat yourself, at least you might make that 9am.

9.     Hit up the Vintage Stores

Help! You’ve just been invited to a 70’s themed house party and all you have in your wardrobe are running leggings and your leavers hoodie! Luckily for you, Exeter is home to some fantastic costume and vintage stores. Whether you’re looking for something super specific or a new spicy top to bang out, head down to Fore Street, The Real McCoy’s lets you rent or buy! Sobey’s on Gandy street is also perfect for your next night at Phoenix.

10.  Play drunk rugby/rounders at Touch Duckes

A two day sporting event that takes place at Duck Meadows, Touch Duckes is the ultimate chance to booze in the sun and compete for victory! Gather your mates and register your team (remember to get in early as the slots fill up fast). It’s a friendly competition but people get pretty feisty after the first few ciders kick in. Don’t forget sun cream unless you want a seriously sexy vest tan.

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