10 Things Every Staffordshire Student MUST Do

10 Things Every Staffordshire Student MUST Do

Set to be joining Staffordshire University next year? Or maybe you are debating it as your first choice? To help with the decision, here are our top 10 Things Every Staffordshire Student Must Do! Before you know it, your three years will be over, so make sure you make the most of this fantastic place!

1. Try an Oatcake

One thing you must try in Staffordshire is the famous oatcake. Whether you like them sweet or savoury, this is something you cannot miss out on! “Stokies,” prime themselves on their oatcakes and will take it to heart if you don’t try one, so we recommend a taste. Westport Lake is also home to The Oatcake Boat where you can join Kay and her team for the finest oatcakes around.

2. Visit the famous Alton Towers Resort

Just in the small village of Alton is one of the largest theme parks in the U.K. Alton Towers is approximately a 30-minute journey from Stoke-on-Trent where even a bus can collect you and your friends at the train station, and take you right to the main entrance! An excellent and affordable day out for you and all your housemates.

3. Carnage in Hanley

Carnage is a yearly event where students from Staffordshire, Keele and Manchester Met University all gather in the city of Hanley for a massive pub crawl. Over 2000 students turn up every semester where themes often occur. Recently they’ve had a superhero and pyjama theme where we visited six clubs and one super club all in one night!

4. Trentham Gardens

Just a ten-minute drive from the Stoke-on-Trent campus is Trentham Gardens where you can enjoy the excellent views of the huge garden and go for walks. An immense garden centre is on display where you can buy everything you need for your first Student Cribs house and afterwards, chill out around the shopping village. Just for a small fee, you can go into the gardens and take in the Staffordshire air as you walk around one of Staffordshire’s greatest sights.

5. Stoke City

Like many cities, Stoke-on-Trent is home to two city rivals in Stoke City and Port Vale Football Club. The Britannia is just a stone’s throw away from campus in Stoke where you can watch Premier League football on a weekly basis and witness over 25,000 “Potters” sing Tom Jones’ Delilah.

6. Monkey Forest

Based in the Trentham (right opposite the gardens) is the small forest where Stoke’s famous 140 Barbary Macaques live. Here, you can walk around the forest and witness the monkey’s in their own little habitat and even witness the zookeepers feed them on a daily basis.

7. Waterworld

Waterworld is the biggest and the best water park in the whole of Staffordshire! With huge flumes and slides, it’s a perfect way to spend a day off. Even with your student discount, you’re never too old to have a ride on the lazy river or work your way through the water jungle which is quite the challenge! Or, if you are more relaxed, take your pick from the many Jacuzzi’s available for your comfort.

8. An all-nighter in the Thompson Library

As we look back to studying, you wouldn’t have experience the heights of an all-nighter in the library. Luckily, the Thompson is open 24 hours per day where coffee is available to help you with that 4000-word assignment for the next day. It’s an absolute life-saver, and we know for a fact that you won’t be the only student there…

9. The Student Union

Staffordshire’s Student Union has a lot to offer in terms of relaxation and a nightlife. There is always something on in the week to keep you motivated for those lectures, either a Tuesday night at Ember Lounge for Karaoke or a Wednesday’s for the University’s favourite night of Gobble. There is always something going on campus where the cheapest and best-quality food and drink are available until late.

10. Wedgwood

Stoke-on-Trent is mainly famous for their pottery and a lot of it is still here. The famous Wedgwood is a factory which is still up and running in the area, and is even open to visitors. There are regular events on at the factory for all students where you could even make your own plates for the flat!

Here are just a few activities to do whilst living in Staffordshire but there are also so many more! Make sure you try them all during your university years, we definitely recommend them all!

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