10 Things Student Experiences in Fallowfield

10 Things Student Experiences in Fallowfield

Fallowfield is a mixture of greasy takeaways, rammed pubs and hungover students, and it’s also the only place any student would want to live while they are studying in Manchester. With the Owen’s Park student accommodation campus in Fallowfield and pretty much everyone that once lived there plus their friends living a stone’s throw away, Fallowfield is predominantly a student neighbourhood. If you’ve ever lived in the hallowed land or you are planning on moving there, here are 10 things that every student has endured / pleasantly experienced during their stay:

1. Pubs

Fallowfield is home to numerous pubs, giving students the perfect opportunity to procrastinate from whatever work they should be doing and having a pint of the cheapest draught beer they can get their hands on. Wetherspoons is an old classic, you always feel safe in a Spoons and know exactly what you’re going to get as soon as you walk in the door. If you fancy a change, The Font just up the road does some great cocktails for as cheap as £2, and the Friendship Inn is a classic pub with a lovely beer garden.

2. Greasy Takeaways

No one can resist the tempting (yet also vomit worthy) smell of Kebab King, Chesters and Krunchy Fried Chicken when they roll off the bus steaming after a night out. You will almost certainly regret it in the morning though.

3. Club Promoters

These lot are constantly on your back trying to lure you into a “sick night” at whatever club is struggling and needs to attract more punters. Do yourself a favour, don’t take all of the flyers or your recycling bin will overflow in minutes.

4. Sainsbury’s

Sainsbury’s is so conveniently close and even though you tell yourself you should shop at Lidl on your way home from uni, somehow you always end up paying over the odds for your food because it’s just easier.

5. Tesco Express

On that dreaded Sunday evening when Sainsbury’s shuts early you will inevitably be forced to venture to the lesser used Tesco Express joined by all the other students who left buying any food for dinner until the very last minute.

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6. Curry Mile

Every day you have to make your way down the curry mile. If you’re sensible you’ll have a bus pass and you will be safe from the confines of the bus. If you’re one of these crazy people that walks to uni (as if) then you are subjected to some of the most pungent smells and dangerous driving that you will ever see. Good luck.

7. Platt Fields

On those three days a year when the rain finally stops and it is sunny and warm outside, you will almost certainly venture to Platt Fields Park with a football in one hand and a Kopparberg Strawberry and Lime in the other. There is no other way to spend a sunny day than being in the park with mates and ridiculing the kids in the skate park.

8. New Zealand Wines

Once you’ve discovered this gem of a shop you will never go back. Two bottles of wine for £5.00 puts Sainsbury’s to shame and only £2.89 for two litres of White Storm makes you question why you ever wasted money on any other alcohol.

9. Buses

Buses are one thing that a Fallowfield student cannot avoid. Fallowfield is a haven, but it isn’t exactly convenient for getting into uni or town so you’ll definitely end up on a bus. Magic busses are heroes if you haven’t got a bus pass, £1 for a ticket is pretty decent. If you do have a bus pass you will guard it with your life. Nothing is more sacred than that blue wallet with you buss pass and student ID in.

10. Pals

The best thing about Fallowfield, undoubtedly, is that fact that all your mates are so nearby. Pretty much everyone from the Manchester unis ends up within a 5 minute walk of one another so you never get lonely.

We hope you enjoyed going through our top 10 things you will experience during your time in Fallowfield. If you think we missed something, mention it in the comments below!

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