10 Things Every UoN Fresher Must Do

10 Things Every UoN Fresher Must Do

We chatted to some UoN Students and got a list of 10 things every UoN student has to do. How many of them have you ticked off? 


Whatever you have planned on Thursday morning, cancel it. Every Wednesday, Crisis welcomes over 2,500 students to Rock City for a night of absolute carnage, with different rooms and as many different music genres to help every fun-loving fresher let their hair down. As the biggest student night in Nottingham it’s an absolute must for Newbies. Go on…

Goodbye Tinder, Hello Prelinks

Let’s face it, Fresher’s is all about two things:

1) Going out and 2) Meeting new people

Enter Prelinks. This super simple app shows you which nights out are going on each week in Notts and allows you to swipe through people going to the same events. It’s a cracking new way to meet people without the awkwardness of trying to set up a ‘date’. Who knows, you might meet a hottie…

Click here to to download the App!

Vintage Fair:

If you are so edgy that you are hazardous to be around, Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair is definitely the place for you. If you aren’t, check it out anyway! On Sunday the 10th April at the Albert Hall from 10am-4pm, the winner of ‘Best Vintage Fair’ for the last three years will be setting up shop for one day only. Don’t miss the chance to browse through plenty of ‘wavey garms’ while eating homemade cakes. Entry is only £2, check it out Nottingham!

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Hangover Havens:

You might want to check these out. Here are 3 top places to have Brunch in Nottingham. You are welcome.

Warsaw Diner: This spot provides a hearty menu of staple breakfast foods (bacon, sausages, eggs, hash browns etc.) in any combination you want! Have the Empire State at £5.95

Junkyard: If you are getting straight back on the horse after a heavy night out, Junkyard recommend the Nuevos Rancheros and Pancakes before tucking into their extensive range of IPAs

Oscar and Rosie’s: make the tastiest £5 pizzas in Nottingham. They also have a wide range of constantly changing one day specials including hot pots and mac and cheese

Come On You Reds!

Great atmosphere and at midweek match tickets occasionally going for as little as £1 each, it would be rude not to go and see Nottingham Forest play! Keep your eyes peeled.

Oldest Pub in England:

Built into the rock below Nottingham Castle, Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem has been serving locals and weary travellers drinks since 1189AD. If it happens that, on one of your expeditions, you stumble across this historic gem, stop by and enjoy a beer with locals and tourists from across the country.


If we are totally honest with ourselves, who doesn’t like occasionally getting down and dirty to the likes of Call me Maybe or Cotton Eye Joe? For all you cheese heads out there Ocean, cleverly nicknamed “The Big O” will satisfy your guilty pleasure whether that be One Direction or Katy Perry. Get yourself down there on Fridays for the official UoN student night and definitely for the end of year party where tickets are only 1p!! 100% students too!


Oxford has Oxford Brookes and Newcastle has Northumbria, but rivalries don’t get much fiercer than between UoN and Trent. Spanning 3 weeks from the 22nd April, Nottingham Varsity Series 2016 brings you an atmosphere like no other as hundreds of students descend on various sporting venues across Nottingham to cheer on their university in a huge variety of sports, from Swimming to Ice Hockey! In fact, in February, tickets for certain sports sold out after half an hour and the Union website crashed across campus. This is one for the calendar!

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Goose Fair:

Step right up, Step right up, Nottingham’s famous Goose Fair has more than enough entertainment to roller your coaster. With over 500 good ol’ fashioned fairground attractions, 100 of which are hair-raising rides, and with over 700 years of experience behind them, you are sure to enjoy an afternoon there, forget Thorpe Park. Entry is free from 5th– 9th October and on average, rides cost £2.

Last but not least:

It has become a bit of a tradition to have a drunken photo with the Brian Clough statue and the lions in Market Square. Leave your mark!

So that concludes our list of things you must do as a fresher in Nottingham. What are you waiting for? Get outside and start ticking things off the list!

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