Everybody knows that being a student isn’t cheap. From paying for nights out or even just a food shop, student life often means having to budget effectively. Yet this shouldn’t mean that you miss out on all that the city you are studying in has to offer! Student cities across the UK are filled with fun activities and day trips and things to do for you and your housemates. Liverpool is no exception! Liverpool is a cultural hub with a rich history and lots of fantastic places that students can visit without spending a penny. We’ve put together some of the top picks. Read on for the best free activities for students in Liverpool.

Royal Albert Dock Liverpool

Having first opened in 1846, the Royal Albert Dock has since become one of Liverpool’s most iconic landmarks. Whilst the docks of course have lots of shops, restaurants and bars, it is also simply a great location for a leisurely walk. If you’re out and about in Liverpool, this is definitely one to include on route. It’s located in the heart of Liverpool city centre alongside the waterfront. There is always lots going on here, from Merseyside Maritime Museum, the Beatles Story and the Tate Liverpool. But if you are looking for free activities only then take a walk around the docks and appreciate the beauty of the Grade I listed buildings, including the former dock traffic office. With free parking on site this famous landmark is the perfect place for Liverpool students to go on a wander, catching up with friends without spending a thing.

Liverpool Cathedral

Liverpool Cathedral is not only Britain’s largest cathedral but also the fifth largest in Europe. The cathedral is free to enter if you just want to have a look around. However, for an extra payment visitors can book the tower and audio tour to find out more about the history of the cathedral and how it was built. The cathedral is rich in history with a blend of modernist and Gothic architecture, making it a must see for Liverpool students to visit during their time in the city.

Merseyside Maritime Museum

Located in the heart of the Royal Albert Docks, the Maritime Museum is the ideal place to go if you want to uncover more about the history of this world-famous port. To name only a few, the museum has on display; boats, paintings, ship models, ship wrecked objects, uniforms and much more. There is always a range of exhibitions on, some of which are ticketed or ‘pay what you think’, but the majority are absolutely free! The Merseyside Maritime Museum is a great place for Liverpool students to visit if you are on a budget but want to get out and see the city. The location is perfect for both rainy and sunny days making it the ideal free activity for students in Liverpool.

Walker Art Gallery

The Walker Art Gallery houses one of the largest art collections in England. Its renowned collection of paintings, sculptures and decorative art make it a perfect day out for Liverpool students to enjoy for free. Whilst there are occasionally ‘Special Exhibitions’ that must be paid for, the Gallery is otherwise free entry. The art collections on display here range from the 13th Century to present day, so whether you’re into historical and contemporary art, this is the place for you.

Sefton Park

This magnificent 200-acre park is one of Liverpool’s greatest natural beauties. The natural landscape boasts a vast lake which draws Liverpool students away from busy city life and into the beautiful green space of the park. The park is perfect for students to enjoy in the warmer months with a picnic, music and to sunbathe. The park features many pathways to walk along with a boating lake, replica statue of Eros and a Peter Pan café. A day out at the park, maybe with a speaker and an instant barbecue after summer exams are over is one of the best things Liverpool students can do for free!

As you can tell, there are many places in Liverpool for students to explore or kick back and relax while on a student budget. If you are thinking of studying in this beautiful city, take a trip to these famous Scouse landmarks and enjoy the local beauties of Liverpool!

This blog was written by Ellie Johnston at Leeds Beckett University.

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