Bristol’s Best Student Secrets

Bristol’s Best Student Secrets

Bristol is a wildly diverse and vibrant city, filled with people, architecture, culture and plenty to do. With so many restaurant, bars, pubs, activities, students, and everything else, it’s so easy for things to slip under the radar, making them so much more interesting and exciting to discover! We’ve compiled a list of our top ten to get your started… 

1.     Yurt Lush

If you head through the arch next to Temple Meads station, you’ll arrive at Clock Tower Yard, home to the famous and very popular Yurt Lush. Yurt Lush is a combination of bar, café and restaurant that offers delicious delicacies from three interjoined Mongolian style Yurt tents.

2.     Secret Cinema in 20th Century Flicks

20th Century Flicks deserves a medal itself for being one of the few video stores to make it through the digital revolution but now it also has the addition of its own private mini cinema (decorated like the red room from Twin Peaks which is cool) which you can hire out with your friends and watch your own secret screening. 

3.     Dean Lane Skatepark

Bristol is the home of Banksy so where better to experience the incredible street art than where he started it all. Dean Lane Skatepark definitely has some that will impress you.

4.     Secret Supper Clubs (Clandesdiner)

Bristol’s Secret Supper Clubs are some of the best in the UK and even more exclusive. Most are invite only, theme obligatory and hosted in a multitude of different places including members own homes… definitely worth investigating if you love organised-spontaneous fun.

5.     Redcliffe Caves

There’s another world going on underneath Bristol city so head down to Redcliffe caves and check it out. Redliffe Caves is a network of caves deep under the city that play host to regular events such as horror film screenings, theatrical plays and late night raves.

6.     Her Majesty’s Secret Service

No student’s secrets list would be complete without the mention of a watering hole and where better to go then somewhere really secretive. Marked out by only a single white flag, once you’ve tracked down the door, you’ll be met inside by a sleek bond-style décor and an impressive cocktail list.

7.     Beware of the Leopard Books

If your idea of a relaxing afternoon is getting lost in the pages of some of the greatest books while also being lost yourself, then Beware of the Leopard Books is the place for you.

8.     Haus Bar

This is another drinking spot for the list but this one is even more secretive. Hidden underneath an Indian restaurant at the top of Black Boy Hill, this speakeasy bar has mojitos to die for.

9.     Beese’s Riverside Bar

Heading a little further outfield, this little place is great for anyone hoping to escape the busy city for a while. If you head towards Bristlington-ways and jump aboard the Beese’s Boat which will take you to the secret (and very pretty) waterside pub. The beer garden overlooking the water is a perfect place to spend a summer’s day.

10.  The Black Swan

With a bonfire roaring outside, the M32 roaring even louder and always full to the brim, The Black Swan is practically impossible to spot just walking down the road. The secret to this secret is that the entrance is through a garage door to the side of the pub… so go check it out for yourself!

These are just some of the secrets buried deep within the Bristol city walls waiting to be discovered by students, but there are so many more! Stay tuned for another student secrets post or write a post about your own ones to get published on our website! Email [email protected] to find out more.

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