Cardiff’s Top 10 Student Bars

Cardiff’s Top 10 Student Bars

As a student, the most useful information to know about the city you’ve moved to is ‘where is the best place to drink?’. With 30,000 students studying at Cardiff University alone, there are so many thirsty students in search of alcohol… and Cardiff is sure to deliver. So, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best student bars, just to make a night out that much more tempting: 

1. Coyote Ugly Bar:

Throw it back to the noughties, get your cowboy boots on and be prepared to dance on the bar in this Coyote Ugly themed bar. With around 20 of these bars dotted around the UK, you’ll find this one located in


city centre – perfect for a girl’s night out or just if you fancy a different drinking experience! But maybe bring an umbrella…

2. 10 Mill Lane:

If you’re out and about in the early hours of the morning and not ready to go home yet, then get yourself over to 10 Mill Lane as the doors stay open until 6am! Drinks and cocktails will be flowing until you’re ready to call it a night and start heading for the chippy!

3. Gassy Jacks:

Located in the student area of Cathays, Gassy Jacks is the hub for socials and cheap pre-drinks. With only a short walk or taxi ride to the city centre, you can enjoy drinks and good music before your messy night out!  

4. KoKos:

Just around the corner from Gassy Jacks, Koko’s is another student must for pre-drinks! It’s popular almost any night of the week so the atmosphere is always good. Plus, it offers some good pub grub to ease the next day’s hangover so there’s really no reason to leave…

5. Live Lounge:

Fancy a night of throwback music and cheap alcohol? Thought so. Head over to Live Lounge where you’ll be in the company of some of the greats such as The Spice Girls, Arctic Monkeys and Smash Mouth – more commonly known as that Shrek song we all know and love… “Somebody once told me…”. Alongside some great live cover music and a bar that charges £1 a beer, it’s a must for any student!

6. Buffalo Bar:

This bar is known for its throwback tunes, funk nights and appreciation events! Make Monday’s more enjoyable with a ‘Gin&Juice’ club night supplying the best Hip-hop and R’n’B tracks. Cheap pints, spirits and VK’s are supplied and 2-4-1 cocktails are on offer from Monday to Saturday from 5pm until Midnight.

7. Revolutions:

Who doesn’t love a Revs night? Get yourself a stack of 6 shots – 12 if you’re feeling generous… as well as your favourite double and mixer and get yourself on the dance floor! Thinking of party celebration ideas? Why not take Revolutions cocktail masterclass and try your hand at making your favourite poison!

8. The Taf:

Heading to a social? Be sure to sink a few back in this bar before you stumble to the SU – they really understand the meaning of a student’s budget with pints from £1.99. There’s always something happening at the Taf, from pub quizzes to bingo so there’s no excuse to give it a try!

9. Welsh Club/Clwb Ifor Bach:

More commonly known by its locals as Clwb Ifor Bach, this venue is home to some of the best live music acts and hosts events such as Propaganda and Bump & Grind. Why not try a Get Funky night that brings you the best house and disco music Cardiff has to offer?

10. Peppermint:

Located in a prime location on Mill Lane, Peppermint provides a slightly more upmarket student night out. Enjoy cocktails with friends in this busy part of Cardiff and take full advantage of its lively atmosphere on game days and live music events. Take a stroll down the road where you’ll find Mocka Lounge, Soda and Retro before you inevitably end up on chippy lane!

Here’s only a few of the best places to drink as a student, but you’ll find so much more during your time at university – as well as your own hidden gems! Take a look at the ‘10 Things Every Cardiff Student MUST Do” blog for more ideas on what do in and around Cardiff!

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