Durham’s Top 10 Student Secrets

Durham’s Top 10 Student Secrets

Durham is a great city to study in and an even better city to live in, so make sure you make the most of everything it has to offer! We’ve done the work for you and tracked down the Top 10Durham Student Secrets to make sure you get the most out of your Durham experience.

1.      See Durham in the snow

Obviously this is not something you can plan but it is definitely something you should hope for! Durham is notoriously famous for being a stunning city but in the snow it turns absolutely magical.

2.      Escape Rooms Durham

Escape Rooms are becoming more and more popular and the ones in Durham are no exception. If you fancy getting locked in a room with you and your friends with no way out except to solve the puzzles before the time runs out then this is definitely for you.

3.      DSU Brownies

You definitely have not lived until you’ve tried a DSU brownie. Someone once said “DSU Brownies helped me to achieve a 73% average last year…” and to be honest, we believe them. Something that tastes that good must surely be good for you…

4.      Climb to the top of the Cathedral

The Durham Cathedral is one of the great buildings of Europe. With the river sweeping round, the views of the city from the top are most certainly worth the climb!

5.      Watch the sunset/sunrise from Aidans Hill

Alternatively, climbing to the top of Aidans Hill means you’ll see the stunning views of the city from another angle. From here you can see the towering cathedral and the most incredible sunsets (or sunrises for those in St Aidan’s College).

6.      Picnic in the Botanical Gardens

The Durham Botanical Gardens have 10 hectares of exotic plants, flowers and landscapes and is the most beautiful place to have a picnic (but potentially one to be avoided if you suffer from hay fever!).

7.      Klute

Branded the worst nightclub in Europe, Klute is definitely no secret but just had to be part of the list. Famous for its ridiculous ‘quaddie’ drink and filled to the brim with practically every single Durham student, Klute will become your favourite worst nightclub.

8.      Durham boat parties

Boat parties are a classic for Durham students, whether it be with a society, a college event or something you and your friends have organised, there’s no better way to have a party than on The Prince Bishop.

9.      Sledging down the hill behind St Aidans

Having already made its debut on the Durham Student Secrets list, St Aiden’s hill has another brilliant use – as a sledge track when it snows. There are some very famous St Aidan Hill sledging fails on youtube, so, do you have what it takes to get on the wall of fame?

10.  Vennels Café

“A Durham Institution”. This incredible 16th century building is home to three floors of coffee house character, from quirky décor, to crooked ceilings, Vennels Café will become the only place you’ll go for tea and cake.  

These are just some of our favourite Durham student secrets but there are also so many more. Durham is filled with quirky cafes, secret stores and lively bars so definitely make sure you check them all out.

If you have any student secrets you think we’d like then send them over to [email protected]!

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