Exeter’s Top Ten Student Secrets

Exeter’s Top Ten Student Secrets

Exeter is a busy and vibrant city that goes far beyond the city centre. There’s so many interesting places to visit and exciting things to do but also so many brilliant little things that people miss! So, we’ve compiled a list of our Top Ten Student Secrets, to make sure you don’t miss out and that you make the absolute most of your time at Exeter.

1.     Walk along the River Exe – The Exeter Quay is such a beautiful place to visit but it is so much bigger than just the area with the surrounding restaurants. If you’re starting at Pennsylvania Road, one of the most popular student housing areas, at the roundabout at the bottom of the road, veer slightly right and head down Howell Road. Once you’ve reached St David’s train station you’ll see the river Ex. If you turn left you can follow the river all the way down to the Quay. It’s such a lovely and peaceful walk, perfect for a summer’s day and you could even stop at Mill on the Exe for lunch on your way.

2.     Atigiano’s evening deals – Everybody’s favourite wine bar, coffee bar, sandwich bar and even work space. Whatever the day and whatever the weather you can always be sure that Artigiano’s will be filled to the brim, but annoyingly, spending all day in a coffee shop can cause some problems with your wallet. However, it is actually possible to spend a whole evening at Arti’s, without breaking the bank. Look out for the regular deals such as 3 tapas for £12 or a pizza and a drink for £10 and keep your eyes peeled for other deals they offer and head down to enjoy an evening of live music!

3.     Princesshay’s late night shopping – Exeter students and locals have always had such a great deal when it comes to shopping. From Urban Outfitters to Zara, John Lewis to The Apple Store, Exeter’s Princesshay really does have it all and what’s more, on Thursdays they’re open even later! Regular shopping hours see the stores of Princesshay open till 6pm on usual days but 7pm on Thursdays. However, stay updated on the Princesshay Facebook page for secret, special weeks when the shops are open till 9pm!

4.     Sunday Roast at The Oddfellows – Located right opposite The Old Firehouse is a pub with the most delicious food that we definitely discovered too late, however, The Oddfellows Sunday roast is definitely not something you want to miss. Boasting three different meats on the carvery, endless gravy jugs and Yorkshire puddings bigger than the plate, Sunday lunch at The Oddfellows will definitely put your mums roast to the test.

5.     Exmouth Beach– One thing that so many Exeter graduates say they wish they’d done more is visit the beach. Exmouth beach is only 35 minutes by train and costs just £4.30 and makes a great day out. The beach is brilliantly long meaning there is plenty of space to set up camp and the water is absolutely freezing but that’s what makes it so much fun. Take a portable bbq, some beach games, or even wrap up warm and head to the beach during winter for a windy walk.

6.     The Book Cover– is it a book store? Is it a hotel? Once you’ve passed the dress code check and made it past the bouncer, you’ll be greeted by The Book Cover’s maître d’. With tight curls, 60s dress and listening to slow tunes on a record player, she’ll then ask you for the secret password before lifting back the curtain and allowing you to enter a 1960’s speakeasy wonderland. The Book Cover isn’t just any ordinary cocktail bar and the exotic 1960’s influenced concoctions will definitely speak for themselves…

7.     Exeter Viewpoint – If you head up Pennsylvania Road, and up and up and up and keep going up, you’ll eventually get to the Exeter viewpoint. For those more active, walking there gives you the satisfaction of finally reaching the most breath taking (literally) views of Exeter but for the rest of us, filling the car with a picnic, driving up and making camp looking over Exeter’s rolling hills is a great way to spend a relaxing afternoon.

8.     Late night Firehouse– The Old Firehouse’s pizzas are definitely not secret to Exeter students and locals alike, in fact they’re practically famous. However, a lot of people fail to remember just how late The Old Firehouse stays open till. Scrap that greasy kebab, don’t bother ordering a dominos, after a night-out head straight to Firehouse and continue your night with a pint of toffee-apple cider and a gigantic Firehouse pizza.  

9.     Exeter Central – A fast train from Exeter St David’s can get you to Waterloo, Clapham Junction or Paddington in under 3 hours, soideal! However, train tickets are ridiculously expensive, especially at peak times and on top of that, Exeter St David’s is definitely not walking distance away from campus, student halls or the popular student housing areas. So, on top of our train fare, we end up paying another £6 for a taxi… However, Exeter central is just a 3 minute train from St David’s, only £1.30, and is walking distance from practically everywhere, so save yourself some money and make the extra (very quick) trip.

10.  Doctor Ink’s Curiosities – The newest addition to Exeter’s family of pubs, clubs and bars is Doctor Ink’s Curiosities. With more than 15 Victorian influenced cocktails, (Sing Sing Sling, Popcorn Treacle and The Bee’s Knickers to name a few), this exquisite and exciting bar serves drinks with Instagram worthy presentation. Think potion bottles, treasure chests and lots of smoke, Doctor Ink’s Curiosities is definitely worth a visit. 

The last thing you want is to get to the end of your time at Exeter University and discover things you wish you’d done but never got round to… There’s no time like the present so get on it and get started!

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