How to make the most of Student Living in London

How to make the most of Student Living in London

London is such a diverse place, because of its culture, its multitude of things to do and of course, its rich history. It’s one of the most beautiful city in the world, but can also be very expensive for a student. We’ve compiled a list of the best free (or almost free) things to do, so that you can make the most of your time in London.

1)      Enjoy the parks

With 47% of London being green space, no doubt you will easily find your piece of heaven in the city. Whether it’s for chilling in the sun, having a picnic with your friends or to go jogging, the fresh air will energise your body and your mind. Hyde Park, Holland Park, Richmond Park…. Which one will be your favourite?

2)      Take advantage of the free museums

It’s not surprising that there were nearly 6 million visitors to the British museum in 2017 since visiting museums in London is both extremely interesting AND free. Almost all of them are, including the Tate Modern, the British museum and the natural history museum… The best way to discover London’s history is while visiting the Museum of London and admiring some masterpieces like the Rosetta stone or Van Gogh’s paintings. Perfect for a rainy day.

3)      … And all the other free attractions to do!

Changing the guard at Buckingham Palace or Saint James Palace, taking a picture “like the Beatles” on Abbey Road, exploring the graffiti at Brick Lane… There are so many things to do in the city! You can watch the street shows in Covent Garden or Leicester Square and wandering around the markets could lead you to some unexpected but beautiful places.

4)      Explore London’s markets

Food from all around the world, exotic flowers, antiques and vintage clothes, you’ll find anything and everything at the London markets.

5)      Nights out are amazing too!

When you’re a student in a new city, it can be hard to meet new people so never say no to a few work drinks in the pub next door or to watching the football with some friends of friends. London is filled to the brim with pubs, clubs, bars and lounges so whenever you have an evening free, go and explore!

6)      Book cheap theatre tickets

Book online or try the TKTS booth on Leicester square to get the best prices on the shows. Take care not to buy tickets from “unofficial sources” in the tube or in the centre of London as you’ll have more risk of being scammed…, There are musicals, comedies, dramas, you name it, the west end has it.

7)      Reach for the sky

Have you ever heard of the Sky garden? It’s this iconic building located 20 Fenchurch Street, and the top floor as been transformed into an indoor garden with two restaurants, they even do weekend yoga there! Enjoy a drink, surrounded by plants and most important: one of the best view over the city! Try it by day and by night and see London in all its beauty!

Another tip: the Tate Modern also has a free viewing level! Search for the Blavatnik building and be breath-taken by the incredible views

Reach for the sky

8)      Free walking tours

London is full of promises and surprises and by searching for “Free walking tour London” in google, you’ll find lots of different ways to see the city. There are the “classic tours” like Soho, East of London, Westminster but you’ll also have “fun tours” like the Harry Potter tour or the Street Art tour or even a Ghost tour.

Tours are free but feel free to give a donation to the guides for sharing their time and knowledge with you. 

9)      Don’t miss the festivals

During the Chinese New Year in February, the colourful parade will amaze you. Later, the Notting Hill Carnival, with its explosion of colours and music can take you to Brazil in a snap and don’t forget festive lights blanketing the city at Christmas!

10)   Cheap eats

Obviously, with so many different cultures and nationalities, there are hundreds of options for eating out in London.

The open table app is a great one to download, giving you vouchers, available times and gaining you points towards free meals every time you book with them. Have a look online as well, voucher codes will give you deals, timeout will give you exciting new ideas, there’s no excuse for visiting the same place twice…

Having just 10 points about London is only a small dent in the thousands of things to do in this fabulous city. Summer is coming, and that means (hopefully) plenty of sun, so there is no excuse for not getting outdoors and enjoying the city. Let us know in the comments what your favourite places to go to in London are!

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