Plymouth’s Top 10 Student Secrets

Plymouth’s Top 10 Student Secrets

Plymouth is an incredible city, offering city life, beach life, seaside life and uni life! To make sure you make the most out of your time at uni, we’ve compiled a list of our top 10 student secrets. Can you complete them all before you leave?

1) Beat the Monday Blues

Monday is never a good start to the week but we have a secret to make it all better! 50% off at Wildwood (located on Derry’s Cross) with a valid NUS card and just like that, your Monday has got so much better. No cooking, just a cheap meal out with your friends. Who said Mondays were bad anyways?

2) Visit Smeaton’s Tower
This well loved and hugely recognisable landmark is practically famous! So what Plymouth student would you be, if you finished your time at uni without having seen it. Take some time out from your studies and go have an explore of this centrepiece at Plymouth’s Hoe.

3) Pound in at PRZYM

We all know it’s the inevitable, on Wednesday nights, you WILL end up at PRZYM and when it’s their ‘pound in’ sessions on a wednesday, why wouldn’t you?! There’s no better way to celebrate hump day than out on a sports night having the time of your life with all the sports societies!

4) Eat the best fish and chips
Kingfisher Fish & Chips has just been awarded as UK’s best fish & chips shop. All the ingredients, from cod to lobsters, are extremely fresh, coming straight from the Plymouth fish market. You can’t possibly leave Plymouth without trying the countries most loved dish from the place where it is served best… can you?

5) Tenpin Tuesdays!

On Tuesday there is no where else to be than down at the Barbican Leisure Park, letting off some steam by getting a strike in one! Oh, and, it’s 50%! So that means double the drinks, double the food and far too much fun for a Tuesday night!

6) Netflix and Chill

If bowling isn’t really your thing and you’re after something a bit more relaxing. Tuesdays also means Dominos BOGOF big offer! Add something special to your netflix and chill… like two giant pizzas, two sides and two drinks, all for the price of one.

7) Visit the National Marine Aquarium
Although living in Plymouth means you’ll have the Plymouth quay right at your finger tips, the National Marine Aquarium is definitely not one to miss! It’s the largest aqaurium UK and a great activity to save for a rainy day. 

Get your tickets here: (They’re usually around £10)

8) 2-4-1

No student secrets list would be complete without some sneaky offers!Compare the market have 2-4-1 cinema tickets on Tuesday and Wednesdays… but you need to have ordered something through their site in order to qualify. However! Obviously we have the answer for you. If you buy a day’s worth of travel insurance (costs about £2), then follow the activiation instructions on the website and voila, you’ve got 2-4-1 cinema tickets on Tuesays and Wednesdays for A WHOLE YEAR.

9) Make your own bottle of gin

Treat yourself by visiting the oldest working gin distillery in England! (and you can probably pass it off as an education trip!). The tours prices vary from £7 to £40 and no matter which tour you choose, everybody gets to leave the distillery with their own miniature gin bottle. 
Book your tickets here:…

10) Open mic nights

The SU hosts open mic nights on a Thursday evening, so you can head down and watch the local talent, support friends or even have a go on the stage yourself! It’s a great place to get some live practice under your belt if you’re looking to be the next Xfactor star.

No matter what you choose to do in Plymouth, you’re bound to have a great time. Whether you’re spending the your summer days at the beach, or on the water in a kayak, exploring the sites or going crazy with your friends out of student nights, Plymouth city has something for everyone – so make sure you make the most of it!

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