The Top 10 Student Bars in Portsmouth

The Top 10 Student Bars in Portsmouth

Want to change up your weekly drinking routine? Then look no further, we’ve compiled all the best (or the worst with regards to your degree?) bars to drink at as a student in Portsmouth.

1. PryzmIf you’re looking for a big night, head straight down to Pryzm. Previously Liquid and Envy, this newly refurbished club hosts some of the country’s best DJ’s and won’t leave you disappointed.

2. The Astoria

Every Friday, The Astoria hosts the Eskimo Project featuring the holy Disco Terrace. There is no excuse not to slap on your best crop top and glitter and drink the night away.

3. Tiger Tiger

The only time a 50% off offer will make you ecstatic is everyday between 5-9pm at Tiger Tiger with half price drinks (Tuesdays/Wednesdays AND Fridays Happy Hour ends at 11pm!!!!)

4. Yates
Located in the heart of the student area, this pub is a great place to eat and drink. In the daytime, drop in for a burger and stay until the lights go down and the beers fill up!

5. Waterhole BarDescribed as ‘a student haven’, these prices will have you drinking far more than your liver can handle. On Saturdays, it’s 20% off everything!!! With great music, staff and drink selection, you’ll struggle to find a better deal.

6. One-Eyed DogIf you’re looking for a place to kick back with the lads for a few casual pints, the One-Eyed Dog will be your holy grail. With pool tables, live music and decently priced ales, this is the perfect place for a Sunday afternoon sesh.

7. Mr MiyagisThis new, Asian themed cocktail bar is something a little different to spice up your weekly booze schedule. With noodle box cocktails (the Same Same but Different will somehow simultaneously ruin and make your life) this bar is the perfect spot for instagram.

8. POPworldIf you want to jam out to your favourite cheesy tunes with a gang of the gals, head down to POPworld! The aesthetic is what I imagine the inside of a unicorn looks like and the club photos are always criminal so run along!

9. The Hole In the WallA traditional local serving real ale and serving a quality bangers and mash, this pub is the perfect place for a more relaxed drinking experience. With a good sausage in you, who knows where the night may take you?

10. All Bar One

You can’t go wrong with an All Bar One. The cocktails are delicious, the happy hour is solid and the tapas menu is DIVINE.

So there you have it, you’ve been spoilt for choice! Drink up, kids.

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