Student Bars in Salford: A Staffordshire Student’s Top 10

Student Bars in Salford: A Staffordshire Student’s Top 10

Students of Salford, fear not. We have brought you the ultimate guide to the best student bars in Salford.

Fancy a light, after-lecture tipple with your mates? We have got you covered. Craving a classy cocktail evening or looking for the perfect date idea? We have just the place. Longing for a mad one, a night to remember (or not)? Your answer for the best Salford student bars lies below. You’re Welcome.

1. The Dockyard

If you’re gasping for a cold pint after a hard day of hardly any work, then The Dockyard in Media City is the perfect place for you. Serving an “unrivalled” selection of craft beers, ales and ciders, as well as a range of wine, gin, vodka and pretty much any drink you can think of. Oh and delicious food – my mouth is watering just looking at the menu! The Dockyard is certainly one of the best student bars in Salford.

2. The Alchemist

Okay, so it’s not the cheapest option but definitely the place to head when your student loan has just come in and you want to treat yourself. The Alchemist is probably one of the coolest bars you will ever visit, serving amazing, chemistry themed cocktails with smoke and syringes and all that jazz – perfect for the ‘gram!

3. The Botanist

Another cocktail bar (and restaurant) that you have to pay a visit to, phone in hand that is, as The Botanist serves an array of the most delicious and beautiful plant and flower themed cocktails. Pictures are essential!

4. Arcane, Manchester

The Arcane cocktail bar is one of Manchester’s hidden gems and only a 24 minute walk from Salford Uni . Set in the basement of the historical Queens Chambers building, this is somewhere every student should visit at least once. It’s like nowhere you’ve ever been before. Unless you’ve been before, of course. In which case take someone who hasn’t!

5. The Kings Arms

This is the place to head if you’re looking to add some spice to your pub night. The Kings Arms is an ale house-come-theatre, hosting live music and plays throughout the week for you to enjoy – as well as a quiz night every Wednesday! Just hop online to see what’s on and book tickets if you see something that tickles your fancy!

6. Seshlehem

Are you looking to dance (and drink) all your troubles away? Seshlehem is everything that you’d expect and want from a great bar and nightclub and is the perfect place to do just that. Offering a huge selection of drinks including cocktails and mixers, as well as the best dance music and open until 3 a.m, your weekend night out is sorted!

7. The Old Pint Pot

The Old Pint Pot describes itself as an ‘alternative’ riverside pub that boasts delicious food, drinks (of course) and a huge range of entertainment including open mic nights, comedy evenings, live music, quiz nights and club nights. Pretty much anything you can think of!

8. Lime

Screening all the big sports games, Lime is a trendy and popular bar and restaurant in the Quays and is the place to go when you fancy watching a match with you a cold pint in your hand and your mates by your side. The food also looks insanely good, I might add!

9. Bijou

Don’t be surprised if you see hordes of people heading to Bijou as it’s probably the most popular and well-known club in Salford and has been host to many a celebrity guest in the past, including Drake. Yes DRAKE. Plus, it’s open until 4:30 a.m. on Saturdays! No rest for the wicked!

10.  Matchstick Man

So, you’ve nearly spent all of your student loan and times are hard. That doesn’t mean you can have fun, right? The Matchstick Man has drinks deals such as 2 for £5 bottles, bottles of wine from £5 on Wednesdays, double up your spirit and mixer for just £1.50, cocktails from £4, and shots from £2. Need I say more?

There you have it Students of Salford, you are welcome! Enjoy the best student bars in Salford responsibly.

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