As a student, eating out is often off the cards because your budget simply won’t allow it, but having to cook for yourself everyday is such a drag. However, students of Plymouth, don’t fret as there are loads of places across the area that you can grab something to eat and it won’t break the bank. As a favour to you, we have laid out our top 10, all with a handy key of what’s available (V= veggie, VG= vegan, GF= gluten free) for those of you with special dietary requirements! So here is a list of the Top 10 Places To Eat in Plymouth For Students. Enjoy! Thank us later…


Cap ‘n Jaspers (Burgers + Rolls) V

This “world famous” restaurant serves up some pretty delicious and deliciously cheap scran, including burgers with every filling you’d ever want including chilli, bacon, eggs, mushrooms, pineapple and prawns (?!) as well as hearty French roll subs. The most expensive item on the menu is £5.70 meaning not only will your stomach be thanking you, but your bank account will be too!

Kawaffle (Desserts) V, VG, GF

Located in the popular Plymouth Market, this dessert shop sells the most spectacular bubble waffles stuffed to the brim with mouth-watering sweet treats such as ice-cream, Nutella, cookies, flying saucers (throwback) and loads more! And the best part is that the prices range from about £2.50 and £6 so you can enjoy the sugar high without feeling guilty – about the money anyway.


Jacka Bakery (Breads, Pastries, Sandwiches) V

Jacka Bakery is the oldest working bakery in the UK – but don’t be fooled, they are certainly not behind the times when it comes to creating delicious bread and baked goods that are simply to-die-for and at amazingly affordable prices too. The bakery is highly popular in the area and has racked up a perfect 5 star review on Facebook, TripAdvisor and Google (4.8) – so head here for the best bread in town!


Veggie Perrin (Indian) V, VG, GF


Calling all the vegetarians and vegans out there – and those of you who just love vegetables. This very popular restaurant offers a wide range of beautifully and lovingly homemade Indian dishes, all originating from the West Indian state of Guajarati, all for unbelievable prices. For example, starters begin at £1.95 and mains, including delicious curries, at £3.50!


A Taste of Thailand (Thai and Vietnamese) V, VG

A Pad Thai is one of the finer things in life and one of the best hangover cures money can buy. At A Taste of Thailand, you can get a range of different pad Thai and noodle dishes as well as rice bowls all for £6.50 and a range of starters for £3 and sides starting at £1.80! These prices are unbeatable and so is the food – in fact, it is one of the most raved about places to eat in the whole of Plymouth. So grab your spare change and head over for a nourishing meal!

The Snack Box (Breakfast, Lunch & Light Bites) V, GF

This place is pretty much what is says on the tin: the perfect outlet for snacks, treats and light bites all at prices that won’t force you to dig too deep! This city centre café serves lovely food throughout the day including full English breakfasts, salads, rolls and jacket potatoes stuffed to the brim with all your favourite fillings. Oh and the most expensive thing on the menu is about £6 – bargain!


No Whey! (Mexican) V, VG, GF

Everybody loves Mexican food. That’s a fact. But everyone loves cheap, tasty Mexican food even more! No Whey! offers a vibrant and delectable range of plant based Mexican goodies including tacos, nachos, salads and also grilled sandwiches which have been hailed as some of the best in town. One delighted customer claims “their Kale Yeah sandwich was the best I have ever eaten – and I’ve eaten quite a few!”.

Knead Pizza (Pizza) V

Pizza. Cheap. “The best in Plymouth”. What more needs to be said?

Monty’s Café (Breakfast & Lunch) V, VG, GF

Monty’s is a charming little café located at The Barbican who provide a wonderful and mouth-watering range of breakfast, brunch and lunch appropriate foods. All for reasonable prices that won’t eat into your student loan! For example, pancakes for £5.25, a huge portion of sausages and mash for £7.45 and cream tea for two for just under a fiver! Cheap as chips – which also happen to only be £3.50!

Harbourside (Fish & Chips) GF, V

There is little that soothes the soul like a huge portion of fish and chips on a brisk winter’s day. This critically acclaimed fish and chip shop is really the only place you’ll ever need to fulfil your need for scrumptious, deep fried, batter covered food. You can enjoy fish and chips, burgers, pies, chicken nuggets, sausages and halloumi (!) without having to break into your overdraft. In fact, everything on the menu is under £10 including large portions of fish and meals deals! Cod this get any better?

So there you have it. A list of our top 10 places to grab a bite to eat, for cheap. Students of Plymouth, you are welcome.

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