What to do over Summer in Liverpool

What to do over Summer in Liverpool

Are you sticking around in Liverpool after exams? Great idea. Are you thinking of coming back a few weeks early to settle in with the housemates? Fab. Do you want to come back for a few days during the summer break? Even better.

Liverpool is a wonderful city that comes to life during the sunny days and long nights of summer. Read on for our top 10 things to do during the summer months:

1.    The Liverpool International Tennis Tournament

This tennis tournament takes place every year as a warm-up event before Wimbledon and what’s better than watching a game of tennis on a beautiful summer’s day? The player lineup is yet to be announced but it’s sure to be good. The tickets cost between £20-£30 for a day and the tournament takes place from the 15-18 June.

Get your tickets here: liverpooltennis.co.uk

2.     The International Mersey River Festival

Come and celebrate the festival that has made Liverpool famous over the centuries: its historic waterfront. From the 24th to the 25th of June, the Mersey River will be packed with 4 music stages, many different artists and amazing shows from jet skiers, flyboarders, as well as many more exciting events. Everything is there for your enjoyment and it’s all free so you don’t have any excuse not to go!

Photo Credit: visitliverpool

3.     LIMF

The Liverpool International Music Festival will take place between 20 & 23 of July this year, with thousands of different producers and artists making their way to Liverpool to perform. Most of the performances are free to watch, but you can upgrade to a VIP experience with better areas to view the shows, private bars, exclusive access etc. The VIP experience only costs around £33 for the whole festival, so is definitely worth looking into. 

Get your tickets here: LIM Festival

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4.     The Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden is potentially one of the best place you could possibly go on a sunny day in Liverpool! This gin oasis boasts a vast outdoor open space with multiple bars (shout out to the purple Volkswagen Combi bar), DJ tables and amazing greenery away from the hustle of the busy city centre. 

Visit their Facebook page here: Botanical Garden


If you’ve already been to Liverpool then you know all about Liverpool’s highest tower, the West Tower. Panoramic 34 is situated on the 34th floor of the tower and is one of the UK’s highest restaurant, as well as one of the best in Liverpool, with very fine prices as well. However, so that you don’t break your summer budget (or the bank), we recommend you visit the restaurant for afternoon tea (around £20) while enjoying the breath-takings views of the city. 

Have a look to what they’re doing: Panoramic 34

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6.     Everton Brow sunset view

Visit Everton Brow at sunset to experience the most breathtaking views. Our advice would be the following: choose a sunny day, prepare yourself a picnic, grab a towel, grab some friends and then head to Everton Brow to await the susnet and enjoy what might be the best Liverpool landscape you’ll ever see. It also makes a great instagram photo!

7.     Be nostalgic

We all know their songs, we all grew up listening to them, I’m talking about Blink 182 of course. Of course you know them, go check them out on YouTube! It may sound just like the cheesy music played on American teenage movies but God it feels good when you hear it again after a while! They perform this summer at Liverpool Echo Arena so if you want to take a small step back in time and relive some great memories, get your tickets asap!

8.     Formby Beach

Where would summer be without a good beach trip? Formby is probably the best known within the Liverpool area. Although it’s not in Liverpool itself, a trip to the beach is a good opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city. On a sunny day you’ll hardly notice the difference between Formby or a Caribbean beach… except maybe the water temperature!

9.  Constellations

Constellations is maybe the best venue in Liverpool during summer. They’re famous for their all-day parties, lasting from 2pm until 4am, which means an amazing day of fun with friends (usually followed by a not-so-amazing day of hangovers). It’s also a great place to have a BBQ during summer or a brunch over the weekend with reasonable prices in an ideal location.

Check out their upcoming events here: Constellations

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We hope you enjoyed going through our list of the best activities you could do this summer Liverpool. If you think we missed something, please comment below!

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