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Byron Lofts – Before & After

Here at Cribs HQ we take pride in the work that we produce and want to take a moment to reflect on some of our favourite Developments from the past years. Call this a Cinderella moment, phoenix rising from the ashes, that kind of thing. We promise you won’t be turned in to a pumpkin at the end of this.

If, like me, you can’t stop yourself from peeking through an open curtain (wonder what they’ve got on the telly tonight?) then this is the dream for you. We’ve got some insider photos from before the properties were developed, so you can live our Cinderella fantasy with us. Glass slipper not included.

Now sweep up those ashes, dust off those binoculars, and who knows you might find a Prince Charming.

Let’s begin our reflection by looking back at a city that is well renowned for its nightlife, wild parties and Geordie Shore. Of course, I’m talking about Newcastle, and none other than Byron Lofts – the property that kickstarted our Geordie Adventure.

With 9 flats in total, totalling 30 rooms, this was due to be a challenge for the newest member of the Development Team not including having to master the Geordie Accent.

Let’s start off with the good stuff and take a peek at one of the two Studio Flats, for those of us out there who are like Joey and don’t want to share food (or a flat).

 When we acquired the building, these were decked out in a real Red Riding Hood fantasy, red curtains, red furniture, you get the idea. With an interior that altogether was looking a bit tired, it was clear these needed a bit of a refresh in order to make these Studios a real leading lady.

By updating the overall colour scheme, and installing fresh, modern kitchens straight from a cover of Home Living, these Studios were brought up to the real Student Cribs standard. Styled to our Industrial finish, this included adding some feature walls and updating the flooring to altogether make the Studio a home.

Don’t believe me? Get ready for your 60 Second Makeover…

I know right. Now hands up who wants more?

For those out there who want to embrace the real F.R.I.E.N.D.S experience, lets have a look at the magic that was worked over some other flats. With a large Living Area, these are cleverly designed to “zone” the space so effectively you don’t feel like you’re cooking in your Living Room. Smart right? With a coloured feature wall and updated artwork, these spaces are perfect for any Insta fan who needs the perfect backdrop for that night out selfie. Why aye, pet!

In the bedrooms, the original oak furniture was replaced by new fitted furniture to maximise the space available so that there was more room for activities (and studying of course!). Gone are the dreary curtains of yesterday, the cream coloured carpet – destined to catch any stains, and instead welcome in the new laminate flooring and modern new furniture. With desks large enough for any study, these bedrooms are designed to allow you to carry out any work with ease.

With all that said, it’s time to shake it like a Polaroid picture…

For the faint hearted of you, let’s look at the bathroom transformation, kept to the end to save you from losing your lunch.

Where these en-suites before were something reminiscent from your days living in Halls, these have been transformed in to luxurious wet rooms by using modern bathroom furnishings and urban-esque wall coverings.

We can hardly believe it either. So what’s stopping you, you know you want to booking for a viewing and take a peek for yourself!