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Decorating Your Bathroom on a Student Budget

Now that you’ve gotten decorating your room out of the way, it’s time to focus on other areas of the house. Whether you’re lucky enough to have an en suite or you just feel like jazzing up your shared bathroom, it’s important to be comfortable in your surroundings. Who wants to go in for a shower in a bathroom they hate the look of? Not us! So, put on your walking shoes and get bargain hunting, or just hit up your local Primark. Make your bathroom your own and the envy of all of your housemates with these simple tips.




Sure, you can grab any old towel from anywhere and call it a day… OR you can hunt for towels that would look fabulous in your bathroom. Being a student means you should look for products that have more than one purpose, so a towel might be great to dry your hands with, but it can also look stylish to add that something extra to the room. These ones from H&M are gorgeous, meanwhile Primark also have a great selection.

Image: H&M



          Bath Mats

As mentioned in the ‘Decorate Your Room on a Student Budget’ post, bath mats make great mini rugs for your bedroom, but obvs they’re also perfect for the bathroom, duh! There are plenty cheap ones out there from brands like Primark, H&M, Matalan and TK Maxx, we’re sure you can find more luxury ones in the sales if you look hard enough! Bath mats can make a big difference to the aesthetics of a bathroom, so be sure to pick out one you really love and display it with pride.

Image: Debenhams


If your bathroom is small and you’re like everyone else who hoards many products, it can be a pain to find a place to store them all. If you have shelving in your bathroom, grab some wire baskets or plastic boxes to dump all of your products in, this way they’ll be organised and it’ll make your bathroom look tidy. If you have no storage whatsoever (you poor soul), go out and get yourself this awesome over the door rack! Not only do you not damage your bathroom with this, but it also saves a ton of space! At just a tenner, you can’t really go wrong.

Image: Wilko




Now onto the décor… In our previous blog, we mentioned how plants can easily add some colour and depth to a bedroom, well the same thing applies here. Hit up Wilkos and pick up a few small (fake) succulents in funky plant pots and pop them anywhere! Or if you want a mini DIY project, grab a plain plant pot and paint it yourself, not only is it fun but you can paint it to suit your bathroom’s theme.

Image: Kate La Vie



Have a plain wall you’re dying to do something with but have no clue what? Make your surroundings fun by adding a few prints or your favourite quotes into a frame and hanging them up in your bathroom! ‘But wait, oh wise one, does this not mean I’d have to drill holes in the wall?!’ No, young Padawan, let us introduce you to Command hooks (unless you already know all about them from this blog *wink wink*). There are different sizes depending on what you’re using them for and they don’t damage walls! So, either print them or buy them for cheap on Etsy and Not On The High Street, and get hanging! You can find cheap frames on Amazon or at Wilkos.

Image: Etsy



If your bathroom is quite small, try adding a mirror to a plain wall to give the illusion of a bigger space, this trick works wonderfully in any small room and has more than one purpose, perfect! You can find cheap mirrors at Ikea and Wilkos, or Amazon if you don’t want to risk carrying it home and breaking it, 7 years bad luck is definitely not ideal.



Our bathrooms in our Student Cribs houses need minimal decorating because they’re already gorgeous! Wanna see for yourself? Go on, you know you want to