How to Achieve a Minimalist Bedroom as a Student

How to Achieve a Minimalist Bedroom as a Student

The day-to-day life of a student can be a hectic one when it comes to creating a balance between course work, part-time jobs and monthly finances whilst also making time for leisure and socials. It is for this reason why nowadays there are many young people who find the concept of “less is more” so appealing and adopt Minimalism into different areas of their lifestyles. Moving into a student house can provide the perfect opportunity to use the bedroom you’ve been given as a blank canvas to transform it into a dream minimalist student bedroom. 

Student Cribs property at 80 Adelaid Road, London[Student Cribs property at 80 Adelaid Road, London.]

Consume less, create more.

The essence of Minimalism is self-explanatory given its title, which emphasises the profound effect of living with minimal material possessions and shifting our focus and energy from consumer culture to the people around us instead of consumer culture.

The backbone of Minimalism centres on making sure your space is free of any clutter, leaving you with only the most vital items needed during your stay. This doesn’t have to be taken to any extreme lengths but does generally mean that what should be packed in your suitcase excludes a mass of clothes, ornaments and items that you don’t plan on using daily. The aim is to keep surfaces clear and ensure that your room stays simple and manageable, which can make for an overall organised lifestyle altogether. A way to go about letting go of excess stuff such as clothing is to bring only clothes that are appropriate for the current season! i.e. take home your boots, puffer jackets, thick jumpers and so on as spring transitions into summer – which will also reduce the overall baggage you bring home at the end of the year!

If your bedroom has a lack of storage facilities, it is worth purchasing baskets, boxes or rails to help give every item an allocated place. This can be chosen in whatever colour scheme you please, but Minimalism points towards neutral tones as the optimal choice to maximise a tranquil feel to the room. With the right storage in place, you are on your way to creating the perfect minimalist student bedroom. 

Student Cribs property at 43 Salisbury Road, Plymouth[Student Cribs property at 43 Salisbury Road, Plymouth.]

Bare necessities list:

o   Clock – Minimalism tends to steer away from an excess of electrical items, so a battery powered clock may be preferred but isn’t imperative.

o   Lamp – lighting can make a miraculous difference to the kind of vibe your bedroom gives off. Opting for a softer yellow-toned lightbulb as opposed to a white light is visually more comfortable to the eyes, and avoids the harsh, artificial brightness. Fairy lights are a popular addition to make simple room much cosier.

o   Plant – it is unlikely that on a list of every student’s priorities one will be looking after flowers all year round, which is why we often choose faux flowers or almost self-sufficing plants such as cacti and orchards. A lil’ touch of nature can uplift a plain room.

o   Types of storage – as mentioned earlier, minimising the exposure of smaller belongings organises the room more efficiently and prevents mess.

o   Extension cord – if it stops a jumble of wires and plugs or can help avoid the stretching of cables across furniture or flooring, it’s worth purchasing.

o   Cushions, bedding and a blanket – your bed is your haven; make it snug.

o   Posters, art, or photographs – be especially selective when it comes to this, remember: less is more, so a few pieces here and there is enough.

Student Cribs property at 131 Hyde Park Road, Leeds[Student Cribs property at 131 Hyde Park Road, Leeds.]

How do I achieve a Minimalist Student Bedroom on a Budget?

Being choosy on a few items will automatically cut down the amount of money you spend when decorating your uni bedroom, however there are some stores that sell sleek, modern items at cheap prices, which are worth checking out:

o   Dunelm Mill – amazing value on mirrors, lamps and types of storage.

o   H&M Home – best for buying edgy rugs, cushions, duvet covers and types of storage.

o   Primark Home – perfect for buying the basics such as coat hangers, wash bags and other accessories.

o   Zara Home – candles, diffusers, room sprays you name it, if you need to freshen up your room, Zara’s got your back. Duvet covers are also a steal as well.

o   Wilko – fairy lights, frames and photos displays.

o   Many universities host a range of poster and flower sales on campus in the first months of the academic year, which are definitely worth browsing.

Not only does having a Minimalist-styled bedroom come with its practical advantages of encouraging organisation and neatness, but also creates an ideal environment for students who are in need of a space where they can at once study but also chill out. Keeping the investments in cosy bedding and avoiding excess ornaments or other items of little use, provides an excellent space for study as a clear workspace makes for a clear mind.

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