What to Take to Halls: The Ultimate Fresher’s Guide

What to Take to Halls: The Ultimate Fresher’s Guide

It’s nearly the end of summer and that means University is getting close and its time to start thinking about what you’re going to take. All the University Halls are different which makes packing actually quite hard as you never know what extras your University is going to provide. Also, for most students, the journey to University means travelling to the other side of the country so nipping home because you realise you’ve forgotten something just isn’t an option!

We’ve created a check list of everything you’ll need at Uni, from the essentials to a few extras that will definitely come in handy during freshers week.

For the Room

1.       Extra Furniture

Obviously you don’t need to bring your own bed to Uni but the other furniture provided does sometimes vary. Usually bedrooms that have a desk also come with a desk chair and although there’s probably a small mirror in the bathroom, some people like to bring their own longer ones, as well as any additional furniture they want such as a bean bag or a rug. 

2.       Bedding

Although a bed is provided, normally bedding isn’t so make sure you bring two sets of bed sheets and pillow cases, a mattress protector or topper because you never know how comfy the bed will be and throw-pillows and quilts to make your room a bit more homely.

3.       Washing Basket or Bag

A necessity for keeping dirty clothes off the floor and ideal for carrying all your washing to the Halls laundry room (and don’t forget the washing detergent!).

4.       Drying Rack

As well as washing your clothes, you need to be able to dry them! And unless you want to pay for the tumble dryer every time you do a wash, get yourself a drying rack.

5.       Coat Hangers

Otherwise it will get to the end of freshers and you’ll still be living out of your suitcase.

6.       Printer

Another great thing to have in your uni room is a printer, it saves having to walk to the library every time you want something printed, and normally Universities charge for their printer use, so it will save you money in the long run!

7.       Desk Lamp

A lot of Halls don’t provide a desk lamp and if you turn out like every other student, it’s definitely something you’ll need for late night essay writing when deadline day approaches.

8.       Bag

The suitcase that you bring needs to be small enough and soft enough to fit under your bed or you really will have no space in your tiny box room, and remember to bring another smaller bag suitable for taking your books / laptop to lectures.

For the Bathroom

9.   Toilet Roll

Just in case your bathroom isn’t stocked when you arrive!

10.   Toiletries

Your Uni room definitely won’t come fully equipped with toiletries so make sure you bring all the relevant ones! (Toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo & conditioner, shower gel etc.)

For the Kitchen

11.   Pots and Pans

If you’re in self-catered halls, you’re going to need something to cook with….

12.   Plates and Bowls

and something to eat on….

13.   Knives and Forks

and something to eat with!

14.   Mugs and Cups

At uni, there’s always time for a cup of tea.

15.   Food and Drink

Whether you’re combining ingredients to cook a flat meal or splitting your pack of beers at pres, having something to share at freshers is a great way to make friends.

For Decoration

16.   Pictures/ Photos / Posters

For decorating your room and making it look as homely as possible

For You

17.  Clothes

This seems like an obvious one but remember that athough when you arrive at Uni it might be sunny September, soon the weather will change, so prepare for all occasions!

18.   Laptop

A University essential for doing work, making notes, watching Netflix, making Skype calls, looking at photos… if you’ve forgotten this you might as well turn around right now.

19.   Passport photos

For student cards, meal cards etc. You definitely don’t want to have an embarrassing photo that you weren’t prepared for stuck as your uni card photo for the next three years!

20.   Paracetamol and re-hydration tablets

A necessity for getting through freshers week.

21.   Pack of cards

A great way to break the ice at pres – with a drinking game

22.   Keyring or lanyard

The chances of losing your small, single room key on a night out are very high so to save yourself the embarrassment of having to get a new one cut on your second day, put it on a lanyard or keyring, so it won’t get lost.

23.   ID

Fresher’s week will be very sad if you can’t get into any of the clubs…

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