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Where To Live In Cardiff As A Student

Location, location, location. It is a huge decision deciding where to live when you are a student, with little knowledge about the area and in a limited time frame. Fortunately Cardiff is a thriving city and capital and will therefore not disappoint wherever you may end up. 

We have comprised a short guide to show you where the best ‘studentvilles’ are, providing you with all the relevant information you need. 

Cathays –  Cathays is one of the most popular places to live as a student in Cardiff. Cathays park campus and the University of South Wales students are particularly near, however, the north area can accommodate the Heath Park campus students too. Students tend to live in the terraced houses off Crwys Road which is a 10 minute walk to the Student Union and a 20 minute walk to the main shopping area, the St Davids Centre, where you’ll find everything to cater for your student needs. The Woodville is a very popular student hub, where rock bottom prices can be enjoyed as well as Pen & Wig and the Live Lounge.

Price: ★★★★

Quality of housing: ★★★★

Travel times: ★★★★

Things to do: ★★★★

Roath – This area may be further away than most but does not fall in popularity. Surrounded by the beautiful Roath Park, where the recreation ground and the lake are situated. For Cardiff Metropolitan students working on the Cyncoed campus this area is ideal for you, almost all sports facilities are located here, however it is further away from all other campuses. The houses here are much more spacious than other areas meaning there is not as much hustle and bustle about the area. Perfect for a quieter space and a retreat from the city atmosphere. Local go to’s include the Claude and the Penylan Pantry where you will find delicious locally sourced food. 

Price: ★★

Quality of housing: ★★★★

Travel times: ★

Things to do: ★★★

Plasnewydd and Tredegarville – 

This area may just be east of Cathays but is nevertheless a very popular spot for student dwelling. The famous terraced houses off the Albany Road is a hot spot and only a few steps away is a Sainsbury’s. It is also filled with notoriously good restaurants along Albany road and City road. It is not far away from the Cathays campus and the University of South Wales Cardiff campus, but is not particularly close to the Cardiff Metropolitan campuses, however definitely worth the journey in order to be in the hub of student life. Only a short walk into the main area that is Queens Street, you’ll never go hungry with the amount of restaurants and small cafes hidden in the vintage arcades. For a student budget the Varsity and the Pear Tree are easily sought after, along with Koko’s café bar gaining popularity. 

Price: ★★★

Quality of housing: ★★★★

Travel Times: ★★★★

Things to do: ★★★

Heath – This area is prime for students that are studying in the Heath campus as the lecture halls and the Hospital is just a walk away. The houses here often have 3-5 students, however, they are larger and more residential compared to the terraced houses in the centre of Cathays. For Cardiff Metropolitan students this area is the closest to Llandaff than all the others (15 minute walk) despite being a little further away than convenient, this area is thriving with students and definitely worth the distance. Your local will be The Heath accompanied by the North Road which is inundated with local stores and student budget restaurants, as well as the Heath Park which is another stress free environment just steps away from the University. 

Price: ★★★

Quality of housing: ★★★

Travel times: ★★

Things to do: ★★★

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