Where To Live In Liverpool As a Student

Where To Live In Liverpool As a Student

When it comes to moving out of halls, you’ll be weighing up your options on where to live in your following years as a student. In Liverpool, there are plenty of options when it comes to student living, with various advantages and disadvantages of each location; consequently, there’s no “right” place to live. There are a load of factors, so you just have to weigh them up and make a decision for yourself. 

We have compiled a list of the top places to live as a student in Liverpool, with a few reasons for why they’re so great and how they could be better. 

City Centre (L1, L2 and L3)

The main advantages of living in the city centre are being close to campus and being real close to the vibrant social scene.
The disadvantages are the limited parking spaces and the significantly higher cost, given the great location.

Tuebrook/Kensington (L6 and L7)

Living in Kensington comes with the benefit of living within (really close proximity to the city centre) walking distance of the city centre, without the premium cost.

Toxteth (L8)

Locally known as the Georgian Quarter, Toxteth is home to some of the nicest Georgian terrace houses in the country at reasonably cheap rents. The main downfall of this beautiful area is the limited student accommodation available. These sizeable terrace houses usually accommodate large groups of students.

Wavertree/Smithdown (L15)

This area is a popular area among students who are just moving out of halls. It’s home to a large Asda, Aldi, and a tonne of restaurants and takeaways; in addition to this, the local pub, The Brookhouse, is renowned for their £1 pint nights. Ticks a lot of boxes!
The only disadvantage of living in this area is its distance from the city centre; however, if you don’t mind getting the bus, there are excellent transport links.

Aigburth (L17)

Aigburth is home to Lark Lane, a popular place to eat, drink and shop. Some parts of the area are within walking distance to the LMJU IM Marsh campus. There are also excellent transport links to the town centre, with buses coming every 3 minutes on most days. However, the bus journey can take anywhere between 15-30 minutes.

Mossley Hill (L18)

This is an area with a pretty significant student population. There are tonnes of shops, cafes and bars nearby; it’s within walking distance to the University of Liverpool’s student halls and LJMU’s IM Marsh campus; and Liverpool Hope University in Childwall is a short bus ride away. Once again the only disadvantage is that the city centre is a bus journey away as it is too far to walk.

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