Where to Live in Manchester As A Student

Where to Live in Manchester As A Student

Struggling to decide which Manchester area is the best for you to live? Student Cribs have got your back. Here’s a guide to the areas where students live, graded by four important factors: the price, the quality of the houses, the location, and stuff you can do in the area.


 Fallowfield  is located just outside Manchester’s city centre, in the South. It is the area where the majority of University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan students live. So, in terms of housing market prices, this area is quite well positioned.

As the neighbourhood is home of thousands of students, it is mainly made of student halls. It is not the highest standard (exception made of Student Cribs of course!)

In terms of location, Fallowfield is considered as one of the best since it is a stone’s throw from University of Manchester. If you want to amble down to the city centre, it really isn’t far! It will take you slightly less than 30 minutes to reach the historic centre.

Studentwise, Fallowfield has much more to offer than any other area in Manchester. Spending a night out there is something special, with a recklessness atmosphere that you can find nowhere else in the city. The most known bars are Baa Bar where you can have crazy shots for only £1, or Revolution which is loved by many students. The area is also known for its late-night food. You’ll be able to find plenty (and we’re talking plenty) of late night cheap kebabs on your way home after a busy night out, which is obviously the best way to end a night.

Price: ★★★

Quality of houses: ★★★

Travel times: ★★★

Things to do: ★★★★

Average rating: 3.0/5

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Hulme is probably the best regeneration success story of Manchester. In the 2000’s, it was filled with unemployment and high crime rates. Fifteen years later, it has been reborn and you can see many new developments flourishing in the area, unfortunately meaning a raise in housing prices.

The housing market varies in Hulme. You can find high standard accommodation in newly developed buildings, and find also apartments in poor state in old buildings. That’s also what makes the charm of the neighbourhood.

Location is for sure one of Hulme’s best asset. It is just South of the city centre which is only a 20-minute walk away. The main negative point is that there’s no train station in the area.

Hulme is away from the noise of Manchester, which can be really enjoyable but if you’re looking for somewhere close to your local clubs and bars, you should maybe consider other places, however, the area is full of nice cafes and bars, like Tea Time Collective which is a vegan café in an old shipping container. There’s also an arts centre at Zion Centre.

Price: ★★

Quality of houses: ★★

Travel times: ★★★

Things to do: ★★

Average rating: 2.5/5


Rusholme is a neighbourhood located in-between Manchester’s city centre and Fallowfield. It is known for its famous “Curry Mile”, a road packed with Indian and Thai restaurants open until late (which is obviously very appreciated by students and locals). The housing market is probably the cheapest of those we have seen so far.

As it is cheaper, the houses’ standard is often lower than in the other areas. It’s filled with restaurants and fast foods, and although there are students who live there, there are a lot less than somewhere like Fallowfield.

The location of Rusholme in relation to Manchester is really very good. It is close to the city centre, has a lot of amenities nearby (supermarkets, etc.) and is also not far from Levenshulme train station.

In terms of things to do, you can find lot of entertainment here at night. If you’re looking for food along the “Curry Mile”, be aware that there are over very good 70 Indian and Bangladeshi restaurants there, all with even better prices. If you feel more like having a drink, there’s also plenty of pubs for your enjoyment. For example, Osborne House on Victory Street is one of the locals’ favourites. There’s also many parks if you just want to stroll after a busy day or even to go for a run.

Price: ★★★

Quality of houses: ★★

Travel times: ★★★

Things to do: ★★★

Average rating: 2.75/5

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