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Student Life Advice

Whether you are transitioning from school or college to university life or are a second- or third-year student looking to make the most out of your final years at university, the Student Cribs blog is for you. Written by current and graduated university students, we provide guidance and advice on all areas of student life, from study tips you might have never thought of, organisation hacks, tips for mastering university milestones and many more. Explore the Student Cribs: Student Life Advice blog below. If there is anything you would like to see covered, or perhaps you have your own tried-and-tested advice that you think we should share, just let us know!

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best apps for studying

The 10 best Apps for studying

If you’re a student and you own a phone, this blog might interest you… Instead of being a source of ...
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How to survive your final year of uni

How to Survive Your Final Year of Uni

It’s all fun and games until you’re in the final leg of your university race and you have more assignments ...
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6 Ways to get a Great Night's Sleep

6 Ways to get a Great Night’s Sleep

Struggling to get some shut-eye? These tips will send you to sleep! The more you work at developing good sleep ...
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How to celebrate valentines day single

How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day Single

Just when you thought the pain of Dry January was over, the vibrant red and pink love hearts pop up ...
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student organised

10 Top Tips for Students To Stay Organised

We all remember that one girl who got far too excited over new stationery and coloured sticky notes back in year ...
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Moving into Halls of Residence

Tips for Students Moving into Halls of Residence

Congratulations! You have secured your place at uni and have moved onto the next step. Finding student accommodation. With many ...
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