10 Cribs Tips for Better Student Living

10 Cribs Tips for Better Student Living

We have prepared a list of our best Crib Tips for you to use – from sleeping patterns to sneaky cleaning methods, it’s all here. Follow us on Instagram (@studentcribs) for more lifehacks that you won’t be able to live without. 

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#1 Place a large chopping board over your sink. This will save counter space and make for easy clean up. This is perfect in shared houses where there is little space.

#2 Studies have shown that making your bed in the morning will make you more productive and happier. Remember –  the state of your bed is the state of your head.

#3 Extend vegetable freshness. To do this line the bottom of your fridge’s vegetable drawer with paper towels – this will absorb the excess moisture that causes veggies to rot.

#4 Grimy shower head getting you down? Soak the head in a bag of white vinegar held by a rubber band for a no effort deep clean.

#5 Don’t fear the dishwaher! It’s actually more energy efficient to fill a dishwasher than washing crockery by hand. Coincidentally all student cribs have dishwashers. 

#6 Looking at your laptop or phone in bed exposes you to white light and can disrupt your sleep cycle. To have a better nights sleep, avoid using electronic devices half an hour before bed or install an app that changes the backlight on your device.

#7 Want to avoid sink blockages? DON’T put food debris or cooking oil down the sink! If you do accidentally – pour hot water and washing up liquid down afterwards to prevent a blockage.

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#8 Take off your shoes when you enter your house. Wear slippers instead, this will decrease the amount of dirt you bring in with your shoes and it will reduce how often you have to clean your floor.

#9 No iron? We’ve got you. Take a hot shower and hang your shirts up in the bathroom, the steam will remove the creases. (Just for emergencies, a proper iron is always better!) And always keep the extractor fan on as well!

#10 Friends coming round for pre drinks? Don’t have any speakers? Don’t worry about it – put your phone in a pint glass or a jug to amplify the music.

Hope these were helpful, read more about how to make your student house more comfortable for shared living.

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