10 People You will Live With at Uni

10 People You will Live With at Uni

Whether you’re just about to start your first year in Halls and are nervously wondering what the people will be like, or you’ve moved in your student house and are learning things about your housemates that you never knew, one thing’s for sure, the types of people that you live with at Uni will never change, which one are you?

1. The Food Thief

Who are they? The Food Thieves spend their days eating food from the fridge that isn’t their own, snacking on other housemates biscuits and finishing off someone else’s milk for their tea (before putting the empty milk container back in the fridge and pretending it wasn’t them). They’ll never own up to their stealing so you’ll be left with no food and no one to replace it!

Where to find them: In the kitchen either late at night or at an obscure time when no one else is home – prime food stealing opportunity!

2. The Workaholic

Who are they? The work-a-holic (common within degrees such as engineering and biomedical physics) is one of the few people at Uni that continually focuses on their degree. They never go out as it might impact the amount of work they’ll get done the next day and they consider the librarian a ‘good friend’. The only type of society The Workaholic will join is an educational one and they’ll probably be running it before the end of their first year.

Where to find them: The Library

3. The ‘Gap Year’ Taker

Who are they? It’s easy to spot a Gap Year Taker just from the way they dress. Look out for the typical elephant print harem pants from Thailand, or an alpaca wool jumper from South America. They’ll have a braid in their hair and be sporting various different market bought jewellery, or will constantly wear a beanie and over-sized hoodie whatever the weather (because that was cool on their ski season). The Gap Year Taker will always have a travelling story that beats yours and won’t be shy about telling it a million times.

Where to find them: Meeting up with “someone I met on my gap year” and reminiscing about how much they miss it.

4. The unplanned house mate

Who are they?  Invariably this is an actual housemate’s boyfriend / girlfriend, loving the fact that their other half chose to live in your luxury house and proceeding to spend all their time there. The unplanned housemate won’t be paying any of your bills but will be using your shower and washing machine and taking up too much space on your sofa. (Annoying right?)

Where to find them: Not in their own house.

5. The one on the gym hype

Who are they? This person absolutely lives for the gym, they go every day without fail and they wear gym kit even when they’re not exercising, just to make sure everyone knows that they love the gym. Their rooms are normally piled high with all different types of protein powder and their idea of a normal dinner is two whole chickens.

Where to find them: In the gym.

6. The Promoter

Who are they? Although these people complain about how embarrassing it is to promote, ‘I just got asked to do it when I joined Uni”, we all know they absolutely love the limelight, and it doesn’t hurt that you get housemate perks and will never have to pay for the club again.  

Where to find them: Outside the club or in halls convincing freshers that their club night is the best.

7. The ‘Borrower’

Who are they? The Borrower is a very common species at University, they’re normally just bored of their own clothes and so enjoy finding every opportunity to borrow yours. They’re harmless, until your favourite top comes back wine stained and three sizes smaller thanks to a hot wash.
Where to find them: Normally in a room that isn’t their own, trying on clothes that also aren’t their own.

8. The One Who’s Got Their Life Sorted

Who are they? This person is part of a sports team, president of a society and is on track for a first, as well as actually having friends and a social life. They’ve already done multiple internships and basically have a job lined up for after Uni and although you’d love to hate them… annoyingly they’re actually really nice.

Where to find them: You won’t, they’re too busy.

9. The Slob

Who are they? Camouflaged by all the mess in their room, The Slob doesn’t see the need for putting things away, or cooking for that matter and will normally only get out of bed to collect their dominos delivery from the door… of which they will eat in bed and then continue to sleep through the day (and their lectures).

Where to find them: Somewhere in the house, either sleeping or watching TV.

 10. The Party Animal

Who are they? The Party Animal loves the nightlife and will go out at every opportunity they can. In Halls their room was the ‘place to pre’ and as their housemate you’re constantly being persuaded into going to whatever’s on that night. The Party Animal seems to know everyone on a night out and their facebook profile picture will always be a club photo with people you’ve never seen before.

Where to find them: At whatever event / club / party is on that night, whichever night of the week it is, they’ll find somewhere to party.

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