10 University Societies You Won’t Believe Exist

10 University Societies You Won’t Believe Exist

When people say that at University there’s a society for everything, they’re really not joking. Some of the societies that we’ve discovered are so brilliantly bizarre they seem unbelievable but we can assure you they’re not made up. In actual fact, they’re far from! Many of these societies have hundreds of student members, annual balls, regular events and some even have headquarters.

So that you can see for yourself, we’ve compiled a list of our top 10. From the mad to the mysterious, these Universities have it all but will you be joining any of them?

1.       The Sheila and her dog society – Cambridge University

It seems only right to start the list off with one of the more peculiar of the bunch. Students of Cambridge University created this society in honour of a dog owner called, yes you guessed it, Sheila who constantly complained about the student’s making too much noise.

With a dress code of dressing gowns and one cuddly teddy bear, members of this society spend their days drinking hot chocolate, eating sweets and reading children’s stories but strictly all talking must be done in the voice of a six year old… each to their own hey?

2.       Assassin’s Society – Durham University

Durham University takes it to completely the other end of the spectrum with its video game inspired society, transforming them from lowly students into “cool, calm, collected and ruthlessly efficient killing machines” (according to their website). However this society takes no prisoners, warning that not everyone has what it takes to be a true Assassin and some members have become “jabbering wrecks… lying awake at night huddled close to their excessive arsenal of destructive weaponry”.

Although this all sounds very ‘Mr and Mrs Smith’, it’s important to note that all weaponry used within the society is ‘safe weaponry’ created by the members. Think cardboard swords and foam darts and even hot potatoes… I’m curious, are you?

3.       Kettle Society – Nottingham University

I genuinely assumed that this would be a society in which the members admire and discuss different kettles but (to my great disappointment) kettle society is actually one of our more normal and possibly more join-able? The group describes itself as “home of caffeine aficionados”, spending their time hosting tea parties, going on café crawls there’s even regular pottery painting organized by the commitTEA… (hey, where’s PunSoc when you need it?)

4.       Competitive Eating Society – Kent University

Now this is more like it! An actual society dedicated to those who just really, really, love eating. In the past, competitions have included ‘The One Metre Pizza’, ‘The Hot Curry Challenge’, ‘The Chicken Nugget Centurion’, and even ‘The Triple Threat Hotdog’… seriously, where do we sign up?

5.       Twenty Minute Society – Newcastle University

If mystery and spontaneity are your thing then the Twenty Minute Society will be right up your street. Completely unannounced and when they least expect it, members will receive an unsolicited text containing a location which they have 20 minutes to track down and get to. If they arrive in time, they’ll get to enjoy the mystery event. The society has also run secret holidays in which the members have no clue where they are going until they check in at the airport… let’s hope the destinations are worth the wait!

6.       Harry Potter Society – Exeter University

If you faked blindness just to get glasses like Harry Potter, sleep in Gryffindor pajamas when you go home, hold a secret grudge against your postman because he’s not an owl or have lost interest in any sport that doesn’t take place on brooms in the air then THIS society is for you. Because seriously, who doesn’t want to be a wizard?

Activities involve, Potter themed Pub Crawls, Trelawney’s Trivia Nights, and yes, ACTUAL QUIDDITCH (well… running around a field with a broom between your legs, throwing volleyballs at each other all while hoping to catch the poor guy dressed as the golden snitch who has been hiding for the majority of the game…), can we get a wingardium-levi-oh-yaaaasss.

7.       Hula Hoop Society – Nottingham University

Catering for all abilities, UON’s Hula Hoop society meet each week to learn and refine their hooping techniques. A great place for those looking to socialize with other ‘hoopers’ or thinking of joining the circus post Uni.

8       Dinosaur Appreciation Society – University College London

From Tyrannosaurus to Velociraptor, Triassic to Jurassic, whatever you ‘dig’ the most (shout out to all the archeologists) this UCL society has it all. The group’s facebook page is filled with Cretaceous memes, fossil discovery updates and plenty of dino-discussions. Whether you’re chanelling your inner Ross (from friends) in the hope of becoming the next paleontologist, or just super into Stegosaurus’ then this society will welcome you with wide open arms (except the T-rex unfortunately, small arm problems..) and be sure to attend the annual Dino Disco Ball it’s said to be Dino-mite (again… where’s PunSoc when you need it?).

9       The Pirate Society – Sussex University

Their facebook page opens with…

“Avast, all ye salty seadogs! Be ye a’hankering for adventure on the high seas? Have ye a love of the sea and a lust for buried treasure? Do ye look great in a tricorn hat?

If the answer to these riddles be yaaaar, then the USSU Pirate Society be for ye! Sign yer mark and join our crew, and be a part of the Union’s original and best truly pointless society!

We promise nothing more or less than pure fun, and ask of ye nothing more than yer name and email address! YAAAAARRRRRR!!!”

Need I say more?

10.    Extreme Ironing Society – Nottingham University

In true ‘save the best till last’ fashion, number 10 on our list brings us an Extreme Ironing Society that does exactly what it does on the packet, extreme ironing. Members of this group get their ironing boards out in some of the craziest and most creative places. So far ironing has been completed up cliffs, while surfing, down waterfalls, while skiing and even while skydiving. So do you have what it takes?

So whatever your interest, whether it be weird and wonderful or just plain mad, there will definitely be a society out there for you. Hopefully we’ve opened your eyes to the completely ridiculous choice of societies waiting for you at University and who knows, you might find you’re soon to be the next president of the Plymouth University Robot Football Society (yes, that is a thing, the University of Plymouth has a team of football playing robots…), so get involved!

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