25 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Freshers

25 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Freshers

Everyone has something they wish they’d known before starting University, or something they wish they could tell the future freshers. So we’ve compiled a list of our top 25 things that we believe everyone should be warned of, everything we wish we’d been told ourselves! How many of them sound familiar to you?

1. When your student loan comes in, don’t spend it all at once, even though it’s extremely tempting when you feel so rich, it’s got to last you a long time!

2. There’s always massive queues for the clubs during freshers week, so make sure you get there early.

3. Try and keep up to date with your laundry, running out of socks is not something you want when you’re in a rush to get ready.

4. You’ll definitely get freshers flu so come prepared with medication – berocca is a must.

5. During deadlines and exam periods the library gets extremely full… another place you’ve got to get to early in order to get a seat.

6. First year doesn’t count… but second and third years do and what you learn in first year will help you with the other two.

7.  Always lock you halls room door or you’ll fall victim to the unlocked bedroom pranks (and it’s not what you want after a long day on campus!).

8. Make sure you have online banking, it will be used on a regular basis throughout your time at Uni (especially with group take away orders!).

9. Save money in clubs by always having pre drinks.

10. Red Bull and Coffee will save your life on the night before your deadline.

11. When choosing your modules, have a look at the seminar leaders, as having a professor you like or who knows you well could make a world of difference.

12. There’s thousands of people at University and you never know who you’ll meet, so try and meet as many people as you can.

13. Get involved in societies, being a part of something can make your Uni experience 100 times better.

14. Even if you think you’re a morning person, waking up earlier than 10am on any day will be a chore.

15. Stock up on Dominos vouchers… they’ll be your saviour after a night out.

16. Don’t rush into choosing your future housemates, you might not meet your best friends until a bit later on and you don’t want to be stuck living with the wrong people.

17. Get yourself access to Netflix or you’ll be missing out.

18. University halls love a good fire drill, and they’re always at the most inconvenient times so be prepared.

19. Buy alcohol on bulk so you’re always prepared for pre-drinks (and it saves money too).

20. Referencing is the bane of everyone’s life so buy a referencing guide, it will save your life and save your grades.

21. For some courses, attendance is graded so make sure you turn up (at least to the compulsory things).

22. Be aware of the ‘freshers fifteen’ (the supposed 15 lbs that freshers put on in their first year of uni due to eating badly and a whole lot of booze.

23. Don’t be afraid to speak up in seminars, even if you think you’re wrong, it really does help hearing other people’s feedback on your ideas.

24. Avoid ‘basics’ vodka, it may be cheaper but the horrendous hangover that comes with it just isn’t worth it.

25. Try out a new hobby, even if it goes wrong you’ll get some hilarious stories to go with it.

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