5 Christmas Gift Ideas For Students On a Budget

5 Christmas Gift Ideas For Students On a Budget

Christmas is fast approaching and due to the unfortunate timing of the student loan, some of us don’t have enormous amounts to spend on gifts. We’ve put together 5 Christmas gift ideas for students on a budget, so you can show you care without your pockets going bare.

1) Secret stash book

Cost: £0-3

Ideal for younger siblings or anyone who likes to keep things secret, this idea will only end up costing you a couple of quid and is bound to impress.

To make it, all you need to do is grab an old hardback book (or buy one from a charity shop) and hollow out the pages by following this handy tutorial. The user is then able to store some secret stuff in a really discreet way!

2) Lotto scratch card

Cost: £1-2.50

Scratch cards are a nifty little gift. They usually cost less than £3 and have the potential to be the best gift the recipient has ever received.

(*disclaimer* there’s a large chance it’ll be the worst gift they’ve ever received, but still…)       

3) Adopt a wild animal

Cost: £3+ /per month

Personal gifts are the best because it shows you’re thinking about the person you are gifting, so why not adopt a their favourite animal on their behalf?

All you have to do is: 1) Think of the persons favourite animal; 2) head to the WWF website; 3) select the animal of your choosing, and click adopt. Easy!

While you wont physically be sent the animal you have “adopted”, you will receive a personalised certificate, regular news throughout the year to keep you updated on the animal, a fact pack, and a personalised storybook featuring two people of your choosing.

Allowing you to give a pal a big bundle of gifts while donating to a good cause!

Check out more info here.

4) Create a hamper

Cost: £15+

Hamper’s are great ways of showing you care about someone.

You can get a hamper basket on the cheap online. Fill it with their favourite childhood chocolates and sweets; wine and snacks; or random items from their favourite place. It shows you’ve been thinking about them, and its better than a pair of socks. Easy!

5) Buy a star

Cost: £12.99-58.00

Well technically you won’t be buying a star… you’ll be naming a star, but it’s still pretty impressive nonetheless.

Many websites offer a variety of gift packages allowing you to name a star for someone and receive a bundle of related products

The lower price bundles start at around £12.99, which is relatively cheap considering you could be naming something hundreds of times bigger than our own sun.

Simply Google “buy a star” and there you have it. (If you’re too lazy click here)

Bosh! Money saved. Now its time to put that money towards a deposit on a new crib… Check out what we’ve got left.

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