7 Exam Season Hacks You Need To Know!

7 Exam Season Hacks You Need To Know!

Exam season is a daunting time for us all; filled with stress, hunger tiredness and so on. The team here at Student Cribs have put together a list of 7 Life Hacks to help lift the weight of studying and all that comes with it.

1) Keep your study space clean

Messy workspace is one of the main reasons most of us get distracted while we’re working. And if you’re easily distracted (like me) anything from disorganised books on your desk, to a speck on your screen will avert your attention and stop your flow of writing.

To avoid any distractions, make sure to tidy your surroundings before you begin your study session. Not only will your mind feel tidier (tidy space, tidy mind), you will notice that you are more productive!

2) Take notes in coloured pens

Using colour within your notes will trigger your visual memory and help you to quickly remember key pieces of information (but mainly looks pretty and keeps things interesting)!

3) Fine-tune your schedule

Time management is really important when it comes to exam season. If you find that you are running out of time when studying, you should identify areas of your life that are time consuming and need to be trimmed down.

You can do this by recording your daily activities on a normal day and reviewing how much time you are spending on what activity or study session. This will help you to assess if you are spending too much time on any individual task/aspect of your life. You may find that you are getting easily distracted by your phone. You could also find that you are spending too much time revising for a subject that you are quite good at and not enough time revising for a module that you are not so good in. This information can help you to fine-tune your schedule and improve your time-management skills!

4) Power-Napping

The benefits of power napping are endless. Taking a quick 20 minute nap can help reduce fatigue, improve alertness and boost your memory. It’s also a great way to combat stress during a busy exam period.

5) Presentation buster

If any of your assignments are presentations listen up! We all know presentations are long. A lot of the time they seem too easy, so we don’t spend enough time on them and they end up being rubbish. Here’s a little hack to help improve your chance of getting a good mark on a last minute presentation.

Set up your friends to ask you questions that you already know the answer to. The more the better; this way, even if you don’t know tons about your topic, you’re guaranteed to know the answers to some of the questions and create the illusion that you are a whizz.

(Note: This works best with questions that might be considered difficult to answer)

6) Life hack your pizza

Chances are, if you’re not eating mug meals during exam season, you’ll find yourself eating a load of left over pizza. Pizza is great but he worst thing about left over pizza is how chewy the crust becomes once you heat it up. Here’s a little trick to sort this out:

Pop a glass containing a small amount of water in the microwave in with the pizza and by the laws of magic/science the crust will remain crusty.

7) Ride it out

We know exam season can be daunting and stressful. Just remember that it doesn’t last forever and you will be fine. Make sure to keep looking forward to your summer and stay positive!

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