8 Things Every Student Experiences Over Summer

8 Things Every Student Experiences Over Summer

You’ve just got into the swing of things and your year at University is already over, time flies when you’re having fun. Now your three month summer is approaching, something you used to count down the seconds to when you were a kid but now as a student, the summer isn’t what it used to be. Should you be thinking about internships? Have you booked any holidays? How do you feel about moving back home? 

There’s definitely a lot to plan and to think about but to try and mentally prepare you, here are 8 things that every student experiences over summer…

1. Laziness – being at University is tiring, so when you go home for summer it’s a perfect opportunity to relax, unwind, catch up on a lot of lost sleep and spend endless days in your pajamas in front of the TV.

2. Boredom – As fun as lazing around in your pajamas is, eventually this will get boring. Summer is hyped up to be this amazing, fun-filled three months when in reality, a lot of it will be spent being a little bit bored. A lot of your friends will be working, live far away or be broke and so although you will do some fun things, these obviously won’t happen everyday. It’ll definitely make you appreciate having all your friends in one place at Uni.

3. Freedom – On the other end of the spectrum, some students might experience a sense of freedom. You’re no longer tied to your work or a schedule of lectures and seminars, you have a whole summer to go off travelling, visit your friends, go on holiday, or even get a job, without being confined to one city and without the stress of work.

4. FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) – There’s no way you and your friends can do everything together during the summer, everyone will be living very separate lives, potentially far away from each other. Seeing snapchats of uni friends on nights out will make you wish you were with them, there will be times when all your friends meet up but you’re busy or maybe your friends are going off travelling and you’re stuck inside an office? In these scenarios, FOMO will definitely occur, you’re just going to have to embrace it.

5. Jealousy – suddenly your best friend has been reuinted with their home friends and you’re not the one in the photos filling their facebook timeline anymore. You’ll start reminiscing about better times when you were all back together at Uni, instead of being stuck in rainy England while your friends are off on lavish holidays. Get planning and make sure your summer is the best it can be to avoid the ever looming green monster. 

6. A Sense of Purpose – You’ve been home for a month already, caught up on sleep and have starting thinking about your future prospects (probably fulled by your parents constantly asking you what your future plans are). Maybe you’ve decided to get some work experience, apply for an internship or you’re just thinking about career paths or even your work ethic for the following year. Being away from University for the summer gives you time to clear your head from work and social stress and just have a good old think.

7. Guilt – Maybe this sudden sense of purpose has come from a much deeper underlying guilt that you just can’t seem to shake. You’ve worked hard all year, so why shouldn’t you have three whole months work free? But the feeling that you should be working, or at least doing something productive with your days remains. Maybe it’s time to start doing more chores around the house? 

 Or maybe not….

8. Excitement – Whether it be about a holiday, meeting up with friends you haven’t seen in a while, starting a new job or even looking forward to going back to Uni, summer is such an exciting time and is definitely not something for students to dread… just make sure that you make the most of it!

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