8 Things You’re Bound to Hear in Freshers Week

8 Things You’re Bound to Hear in Freshers Week

It’s the start of freshers week, you’ve arrived at your halls, unpacked your car and said goodbye to your crying parents and now you’re on your own. Hopefully the awkward meeting of your next door neighbour has already happened thanks to your mums deciding to embarrassingly introduce themselves, but now the only way to make some friends is to bite the bullet, swallow your pride and attempt to get to know people, and here are 8 things you’re bound to hear throughout the week…

1.      Where are you from?

The generic first meeting questions (where are you from? What school did you go to?) will be asked so much during freshers week that by the time it’s over, you’ll be reciting your A-level grades and your postal address in your sleep.

2.      What course are you doing?

Although this is one of those typical questions every single person you meet in freshers will ask, it’s actually a very important one. Discovering someone in your flat or corridor who does the same course as you before your first lecture will be a god send when you can nervously attempt to find your way there together. 

3.      Did you take a Gap year?

The gap year questions are like marmite, you either love them or you hate them. For those people who actually did take a gap year, they can’t get enough of comparing travelling stories and discovering who was in the same country at the same time. However, for those who didn’t, the gap year questions mean spending hours listening to the same old story about the Thailand full moon party or the Bolivian Salt Flats (you’re better off avoiding the question at all cost).

4.      Are you going out tonight?

Obviously they’re going out tonight, everyone is going out tonight. This is the awkward but effective attempt to see if you can join a new acquaintance / future best friend on their night out. Although what you really meant to say was “can I pre-drink with you tonight” the conversation usually leads to an invite anyway as you briefly arrange evening plans and thank the lord you decided to ask that question or it would have been a very sad evening for one. Other similar questions used to make friends are “Are you going to the freshers fair today?” and “what time will you be heading down for dinner?” (obviously so that you can go at exactly the same time and have someone to sit with).

5.      What other events are you going to?

No matter how shy you are, this is always a good question to ask around at freshers week. Finding out what other events the majority of students are going to is important as you don’t want to be stuck at an empty club night organised by the debating society while the rest of the university is partying it up in the student union (no matter how much you like debating). 

6.      Excuse me, do you know the way to…?

Asking for directions is a given during freshers week. Obviously there’s a whole lot of new people arriving on campus and let’s face it, they probably won’t be walking around with that big, embarrassing freshers map from their welcome pack, so for pretty much all the whole week, you’ll be hearing people asking for and giving directions.

7.      I think I’ve got freshers flu

You know it’s coming to the end of freshers week when the chat changes from excitement to sniffled complaints about how ill they feel.  Inevitably, by the end of your freshers week, you will have freshers flu and what better way to celebrate getting ill then by telling everyone about it.

8.      We should live together!

‘We should live together’ is definitely something that you’ll hear during freshers week. The awkward first week making friends situation and the fact that you pretty much have to have chosen who you’re going to live with before Christmas seems to send freshers into a panic about actually having people to live with, so the drunken ‘I’ve only known you for a day but we should live together’ chat arrives and before you know it, you’ve agreed to live with a whole lot of different people! Remember, you don’t have to live with the first person who asks you in freshers week, ultimately you will make better friends later on and so be careful who you answer yes to!

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