The Ultimate Student’s Guide: Societies You Should Join at University

The Ultimate Student’s Guide: Societies You Should Join at University

Whether you’re joining University as a fresher or you’ve just decided it’s time to try a new thing, societies are the answer to everything. With thousands of societies in each University, you’re bound to find one to suit you and they’re a great way to make friends, to get involved and even to try something new! So here are the Societies that we think you should join at University.

1.       A sports society

Whether you’re a keen sportsman  or sportswoman who is aiming to be in a BUCs team or you just fancy doing a bit of weekly exercise, sports societies are a great thing to be a part of at University. Sports you could join are: Football, Rugby, Netball, Basketball, LAcross and many more! As well as the fact that it adds a healthy balance to your not so healthy student lifestyle, the camaraderie that comes with sports societies and the feeling that you’re a part of a something big is something you might not get again! (and it gives you an excuse to dress up at the weekly sports socials!)

2.       A snow sports society

Whether you can ski or not, University Ski trips are renowned for being absolutely incredible. As well as the boozy bus journey there, cheap ski pass, and discounted ski rental, you get to spend a week in the mountains with all of your friends and you are literally guaranteed a good time. It’s definitely worth joining these societies, just for the trips.

3.       A drinking society

Whether it be Wine Soc at Exeter or Cock Soc (cocktail…) at Nottingham, the drinking societies at Universities know how to have a good time. They host events always consisting of a lot of alcohol, being a member usually gives you deals and discounts to bigger University events and their end of year balls are not something you want to miss.

4.       Your course society

Joining your course society is a must when you start University. Not only is it a great way to make friends with people who have the same interests as you, it will give you a forum in which you can talk to people from your course and therefore discuss assignments, buy second hand books and meet the people you’ll be spending the next three years with. Having a role in your course society also looks great on your CV as it shows a deeper interest in the subject you’re studying.

5.       An Alternative sport

As well as the standard mainstream sports, University is also a time to play a sport that just wasn’t taught in school. From ultimate Frisbee to Boxing, to Aussie Rules football, there will definitely be a society for everything and a team who can’t wait to have you on their side!

6.       A random one

Every University is filled with the most weird and wonderful societies, such as hide and seek society (for those who miss the famous child hood game), knitting society (for those who are ageing early) and even Harry Potter Society (where they play actual ground-quidditch and have their own sorting hat)! If you have something different that you love there will almost definitely be a society for it and if not, you can easily start your own one!

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