What To Read To Get Ahead As A Student

What To Read To Get Ahead As A Student

Reading is one of the simple pleasures in life. But it isn’t only something to enjoy – as a student, you can use reading as a way to get ahead of the game. And no, I’m not going to try and convince you to do your uni readings as we all know nobody does those, but I will try and convince you to read something from this comprehensive and student-tailored list of books and publications that are bound to keep you in the know and informed about the world we live and ensure you’re always one step ahead of it all. Thank me later when you find out the best publications and books for students who want to get ahead. 

Tech, Business and Politics

Morning Brew

Morning Brew is a free, daily newsletter delivered to your inbox, fresh off the press every morning (6 days a week). It covers topics such as technology, business and finance and provides an in-a-nutshell breakdown of daily changes and happenings in financial and retail markets as well as covering other areas such as sport. This newsletter is truly one of the best publications for students who want to get ahead. 

The Economist

The Economist is one of the most popular business and financial publications for the reason  that it provides detailed insight into financial and political news from across the world through a range of news articles, opinion pieces and features written by many top journalists and analysts.

General News

The Week UK

The Week is an online news outlet that provides a clear and insightful breakdown of the news that is coherent and easy to go through. Most notably, it breaks down the daily news into a helpful top 10 list of “Things you need to know today”, which makes it one of the best publications for students to read to get ahead. 

The Associated Press News

Although a US- based company, The Associated Press is a non-profit and impartial online news resource that provides some of the most breaking news and is often the first to report on events that take place all over the globe.

Science and Medicine

New Scientist

Covering all aspects of science and technology, The Scientist offers a range of articles and features that look into the latest scientific new, discoveries and research from every corner of the planet including the environment, medicine and space! The New Scientist is highly regarded as one of the best and most sought publications for students to read to get ahead


The BMJ is one of the world’s oldest medical journals and is a must-read for any aspiring doctor (or nurse).  More specifically, the student section of the journal provides perceptive and helpful advice for medical students as well as research findings, news and interviews with experts in the field.



Aesthetica is well-loved and popular online publication that covers all things arts related, including music, film, design, photography and architecture.  The magazine is made up of features and articles about innovations, news and notable work within the field making it one of the best publications for students to read to stay ahead. 

Self-Help and Personal Development

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway – Susan Jeffers

In her best-selling self-help book, Jeffers offers advice on how to face your fears in every aspect of your life including when making decisions, asserting yourself and being confident. It is a must-read for any student who’s looking for a little  guidance when it comes to believing in themselves!

 Eat That Frog! – Brian Tracy

Another best seller, Eat That Frog was written for the common procrastinator. In his uniquely titled book, Tracy lays out advice on how to accomplish more in your life and learn to value the importance of some things over others. This is a must read and surely is one of the best publications to read to stay ahead. 

 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Stephen R. Convey

In this famous self-help book, Convery sets out insightful but basic principles based around upholding certain moral values and behaving a particular way that promise to transform the way you live so you can become the most productive and positive version of yourself!

There we have it. Now, not only do you have the tools to go forth and gain invaluable knowledge about the world, but also to keep you motivated, boost your confidence and transform the way you think. You are sure to get ahead. Enjoy!

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