Are you a fresher adapting to life as a student at university? Are you paying bills for the first time in your life and realising your student loan will only stretch so far? Life as a student doesn’t come cheap, it often means budgeting, spending less on the little luxuries in life, or simply going into overdraft! For many students getting a part-time job whilst at university will be essential to manage your finances. Balancing a job alongside your studies can be challenging, not every job will be suited to a full time university student. However, there are many jobs out there that will perfectly fit in with your student schedule: here are the best student friendly jobs!

1. Student Cribs Brand Manager

Student Cribs offers a great opportunity for students of any year to work for them in representing the company whilst making money outside of your studies. As a Student Brand Manager you become the face of Student Cribs within your university community. The role includes conducting viewings around their Cribs, assisting with content marketing (such as writing blogs!) supporting sales efforts and generally contributing to the awareness of Student Cribs within your student community! Benefits of the position include meeting lots of other students like you looking for housing, getting to know your city better, working VERY flexible hours and developing key transferable skills in marketing and real estate that looks great on your CV! The competitive salary and additional bonuses put the Student Cribs Brand Manager role at the top of the list of the best student friendly jobs whilst at university! To find out more and apply to become a Student Brand Manager click here.

Student Cribs Brand Manager

2. Online Tutoring

Virtual jobs have to be one of the most convenient for students at university. Earning money alongside your studies without having to even leave your house! There are many different websites that you can sign up to working from the comfort of your own room, delivering content to GCSE and A level students on a multitude of subjects that suit you best. Online tutoring is one of the best jobs for students at university for a number of reasons. Not only is this good for making money, but if you tutor on a subject you study, this will even help with your own education! The best online and student friendly platforms for students and companies to consider are: SuperProf, Elite Medics, MyTutor or Tutorful where you could be paid £20 per hour!

Online Tutoring

3. Student Ambassador for your University

This is great if you are not able to travel far or want to work after your library session part time. Working as a university representative can get you £10 an hour for showing prospective students around, helping out on open days, representing your school at events or answering questions about campus and your school to new and prospective students.

4. Reselling

Whilst not the most traditional of jobs, reselling your old things is a quick and easy way of making money whilst at university, not to mention it’s also sustainable! You can resell anything from your old textbooks to clothes, shoes and bags as well as furniture from your old uni room! This is both beneficial to you and others you will be helping out, think of it as paying it forward. Helping you to debulk, clear out and prepare for the next year, degree or job. There a lots of online marketplaces to do this, from Facebook marketplace to Depop and Vinted! These online platforms make it even easier to be a reseller, and that’s why it’s on the list of the best student friendly jobs!

Online sale

5. Photographer

Are you a keen photographer or simply have a decent camera and/or editing skills? University, local businesses, and events are always on the lookout for skilled and affordable photographers that will help their marketing or make someone’s special day that bit more memorable. Even if photography is just a hobby of yours, why not turn it into a way to make some money whilst at university.


6. Resident Assistant in University Halls

If you live in halls and hate the idea of moving out next year, you could become a live-in supervisor for your university halls. Benefits include living in halls free of charge or at a discounted rate, saving on housing costs and maintenance services, whilst also meeting and connecting with lots of other students.

7. Pet Sitter

Studies show time spent with animals is great for your mental health and alleviating the stress that can build up for students at university. So why not try a job that doesn’t have to feel like a job! An alternative but just as attractive part time job is to offer up your time to watch your neighbour’s kitten or walk a friend’s dog. This job is fantastic if you are limited to a no pets policy in halls or in your student house, but still want to enjoy spending quality time with cute furry friends. It can pay up to £40 a day and can be great fun!

dog walks

There are plenty of job opportunities out there for students at university. This list compiles some of the most convenient and student friendly jobs so why not give one of them a go if you’re wanting to earn some extra money whilst at university!

This blog was written by Isabella Impavido, at the University of Nottingham.

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