Top 10 Apps for Studying

Top 10 Apps for Studying

During your student career you may find yourself falling into low performance periods, however, these ten apps can help improve your daily studying. 

1. Google Translator

The performance of online translators is still a little questionable, however, the most accurate is definitely Google’s. The Google Translator app is a very intuitive app that cannot only translate typed text, but also voice recordings, text images and handwritten text. Learning another language will become easier than ever!


2. Evernote

Studying is all about organisation! Thanks to Evernote, either you or your team can create reminders, notes, tasks, voice recordings and so on. Evernote always keeps you in track of what you have to do. 


3. Google Drive

Google drive is one of the most versatile apps out there. It can fairly be compared to Microsoft Office, but with an incredible shared connectivity by the cloud. This means that you and your mates can work together on a document from different places at the exact same time, or you can use it as a way to store your work and have it with you on the go.

4. SelfControl

This app allows you to accomplish your personal objectives, by limiting the access to certain mobile apps. This means you wouldn’t have to worry about the distractions of social media every five minutes, or playing to that new game. It may seem cruel, but give it a try and it could change even more than just the way you study.


5. GoConqr

GoConqr allows you to create your own mind maps, notes, flashcards, slides and quizzes. You can also enrich your knowledge by accessing their library resources, or by joining groups with colleagues to discuss the topics of your interest.


6. Documents

Tired of constantly searching for where you’ve saved all your lecture notes and PowerPoints on your laptop? Your saviour here is called Documents. With this mobile app, you can store all your documents at the same place, in folders or anyway you like it. You can even edit it from your mobile. It works with Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, OneDrive, basically everything. What’s even better is that it’s free!

Check out their website here: Documents

7. Scanner Pro

Have you ever been stuck with a paper you must scan urgently to send it straight away? Scanner Pro is here to help! You can scan any document from anywhere and it will transform it to a proper PDF document. This app is not free, it costs $3.99 but when you’ll use it the first time you will realise that it’s cheap for the tight corner it just got you out of.

8. Wolfram Alpha

As a student, you like Google, right? Always here to help if you’re having trouble with an essay topic. Well, you haven’t met Google’s better bigger brother Wolfram Alpha then. This genius little piece of software can calculate almost everything you ask it to. It’s ridiculous. It’s used by Siri when you’re talking to your phone. Just saying.

Give it a try here, you won’t be disappointed:

9. Sleep Time

We all know that sleep is key for making the most out of your studies, and we also know that studying at Uni won’t let you get much sleep. Sleep Time’s here to help. It analyses your sleeping cycles over couple nights and decide when is the best moment to wake you up during a 30-minutes cycle that you set up in advance. It also makes graphs of your activity during the day. For example whether you were stressed or if you had coffee too late to help you improve your sleep quality.


10. Noplag

Imagine. You spent a whole night writing an essay which was accounting for 25% of your course’s grade, and you get a third  because your lecturer found out that some of your work comes from Internet and you didn’t quote the authors. It wouldn’t happen with Noplag. It is a software that analyses all the content you write and tells you what is considered as plagiarism.

Check out their amazing tool here:

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