Top 10 Student Bloggers

Top 10 Student Bloggers

Blogging is super popular right now! There are loads of different types – from lifestyle to food, beauty to photography! There are also some great student blogs that could help some of you that are planning on heading to university, are in the middle of university or have just finished and are wondering what to do next!

So take a look at these Top 10 Student Bloggers – they’re all definitely worth a read!

The Healthy
The 3 main things on every student’s mind: money, going out and FOOD (and occasionally, the odd essay). James, a Brighton based student, understands the needs of his readers and focuses his writing on the “twenty something perpetually hungover student”. The blog includes lots of great recipes to cure that inevitable VK hangover – most are healthy so you don’t have to feel too guilty! The difficulty level of his dishes range from ‘easy’ to ‘challenging’ and also includes ‘How to’s’, ‘reviews’ and ‘student tips’ which makes it the perfect go-to food blog!

High Street Junkie:
Charli is a Psychology graduate from Devon and her blog includes great content on beauty, fashion and lifestyle. The best hairdressers, her recommended lipsticks for different occasions and a mixture of lifestyle content is all featured on her website. The thing that sets Charli’s from the rest is her section on mental health. She openly discusses what most students struggle with, such as what to expect when you graduate, the mental transition from university to working life and suggests ways to de-stress. She also touches on the more sensitive subject of eating disorders and gives first hand account of her struggles and ways of coping to help other readers. Having graduated from Cardiff University, Charli gives a realistic insight into what it’s really like being a student in a friendly and lighthearted way.

Salt and Chic:
Amy is a third year student at Durham University studying Law. She posts style and travelling tips, tutorials and photography alongside her very active social media platforms. Her blog and styling tips have also been featured on Topshop, Missguided and ASOS so clearly her fashion advice is on point! If you’re stuck for inspiration for your next night out, make sure to give her page a visit.

Nettle and Blackberry:
If you’re a fan of lifestyle blogs then here’s another! Imogen’s a graduate from Durham and her page is very chatty and friendly. Her ‘thought’ section is like having a chat with a friend as she discusses issues almost all of us can relate to. It’s a challenge to come away from her page without a smile on your face!

The University Blog:
Martin takes a slightly different angle to the usual university lifestyle blogs. He channels his experience and love for higher education into tips and techniques that will help his readers in their future professional lives. Its filled with tips on how to network, personal development skills and positive encouragement from aspects of university that can be difficult. Most of his entries are accompanied by short voice clips to give you a break from all that reading!

The Jack Experience:
There aren’t many male bloggers around at the moment, so with less competition, the content may not be as good – but that would be wrong! Jack’s blog is professional, very witty and he has so much to say that he even extended his talents to his YouTube channel that he posts on weekly. He posts about fashion, lifestyle and general chit-chatty sections. His travel posts are also interesting and his guides are worth a read if you want any tips on a pre-exam getaway!

Emily Underworld:
Emily’s lifestyle blog consists of beauty, travel and food. She’s based in London so there’s a whole section dedicated to things to do which makes maneuvering round the city much easier! As well as this, her content focuses on all aspects of student life such as ‘money saving tips’, ‘improving mental health’ and ‘how to survive your first student home’! This is a great blog to flick through if you’re about to head to university or are in the midst of your studies and want some friendly and useful advice!

Uni Student Life:
This has it all! The blog/website should be an essential part of every students toolkit! House hunting tips, lecture hall etiquette and how to deal with a hangover at University! If you’re looking for a page dedicated to all things student then you’ve found it!

College Tourist:
Taking a year out before university or studying away for your placement year? Before you go, make sure to take a look at the College Tourist blog as it is full of travel tips you may not have thought about before! It covers ground from Thailand to Portugal and gives information about money, safety and food.

Here are just a few of the most popular blogs we could find! There’s plenty more blogs made for students so just take a look around and I’m sure you’ll find one you’ll absolutely love!

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