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Uni-Life Summed Up In 10 Memes

Only students will understand that even though every single person has their own individual experience of university, there are undoubtedly some moments that unite all young people in their day-to-day encounters. From a neglected, mouldy plate no one can quite confront to the terrors of the approaching exam season, we are all guilty of falling into the same classic student palavers, which here are represented in memes. So if you’re a student reading this, you’re probably procrastinating right now and stumbled across this article, so spend a few minutes just having a read of this, and THEN you’ll continue what you were supposed to be doing in the first place…

1.   When your housemate loses something completely on their own accord, and they decide to blame everyone else anyway: 

2. When “Jessica” hasn’t turned up to any seminars all year round, and then decides half way through to make one surprise appearance:

3. When you haven’t prepared for your seminar and the tutor decides to ask what you thought about the set work:

4. When you can hear your friends having pre-drinks and you’re sat in your room debating if that assignment can be pushed back another day…

5. When the student loan finally drops:

6. “I’m gonna go get a meal deal if you wanna join?”

7. When you wake up early to attend your 9am but find out it’s been cancelled as you walk into the empty room:

8. When you’re in a lecture taking notes but the lecturer keeps talking and skipping the slides too quickly:

9. When you try to persuade your friends to forget their work and come on a night out with you:

10. How you walk out of your final exam not having a clue what you just spent over an hour writing: