Working from home has become the new normal for many of us, including us students. When campus and libraries were closed students had to adjust to revising and writing university assignments from our bedrooms. Having an environment that is comfortable and inspiring is essential for your at-home working and study days. From decoration, to useful items and habits, here are some suggestions for your university work from home set up that may help to optimise your work:


Working in a gloomy corner is obviously a highly unmotivating place to spend your day. Positioning your desk by the window, and having blinds and curtains open to allow the daylight to flood in is one of the easiest ways for students to boost their mood and motivation in an at-home working space. If your room naturally lacks natural daylight, perhaps because of a small or poorly positioned window, add some warm-coloured lamps and fairy lights around the room. This will brighten the space, and make it a cosy environment to enjoy completing your assignments in.


Another way to elevate your space, and even achieve a sense of serenity whilst studying is to place a diffuser in your room. Ultrasonic diffusers have become a trend, which provide the double benefit of being used to diffuse beautiful fragrances to freshen up the room, or aromatherapy oils to aid your focus, calm your senses, and even compliment your sleep after a long day of studying. Not only does this facilitate variety, as you may use a different scent or aroma oil each time, this protects against the fire risk associated with candles!


Of course, everyone concentrates in different ways in different physical environments, so ensure you select the most appropriate space in your home for your studying hours. Consider noise levels, the presence of other people, privacy, amount of daylight offered, available space, and other factors that may impact your focus before deciding where to set yourself up. Perhaps you work best in the living room when a friend is around to speak to in your breaks, or perhaps you are better in the privacy of your own room? Perhaps you need a larger space and surface to work on physical projects, or could simply curl up anywhere to complete tasks on your laptop? These are all important to consider, and can affect your focus on, and therefore success of your work.

Using Breaks Wisely

Although you may have constructed a highly inspiring, comfortable working space that is perfectly suited to your needs, it is also important to escape the space and refresh yourself in order to work optimally from home. Eating, sleeping, relaxing and studying in the same house can trigger cabin fever for many students. A highly valuable suggestion is to schedule a walk, by yourself or with a friend, to get yourself moving and embrace essential fresh air that will revitalise your energy before returning to your tasks. Whether this is a five-minute walk to the shop, or an hours walk in the park, the value of any amount of fresh air and movement should not be forgotten!


Another important part of your working day are the little things that make it more bearable. Perhaps you’re a caffeine addict, a herbal tea enthusiast, or simply a snacker – either way, rewarding yourself with the comfort of a coffee, tea, or a sweet or savoury snack is an important part of powering you through the day. Ensure these items are stocked in the house, perhaps purchase a fancy new mug or unique snack bowl to use, and even try new flavours and recipes to add a simple bit of excitement to the working day.

For any student studying / working from home, the most important thing is of course to have a spacious desk and comfortable desk chair. Our Cribs come fully furnished with a desk and chair equipping you with a great work from home space. Check out the best student accommodation in the UK to find the uni room for you, and follow the tips in this guide to create your perfect work from home set up.

This blog was written by Charlotte Deville at the University of Nottingham.