Looking for student houses or a room in Nottingham? Wondering what the best places to live in Nottingham are as a student at either Nottingham Trent University or the University of Nottingham? Well, look no further! Amy, a fourth year student at NTU is here to tell you her expert opinion on the best areas to live while you are studying in Nottingham!

Hi, I’m Amy, a student at Nottingham Trent University. Nottingham has become my second home, and I can’t help but share my experiences and insights about this vibrant city with you. As a now fourth-year student studying Business Management and Marketing, I have noted the best places to live in Nottingham, and I’m going to let  you in on the secrets!

Before diving into the specifics, let me give you an overview of two locations in Nottingham that stole my heart during my years here – the Arboretum and Lenton! From finding places to study, to cafés, bars and clubs, or playing pool and catching up with friends, Nottingham has everything, and whether you live in these locations or not, you won’t be far from the action! I am a runner and I love going out with my friends, and exploring new places to run, so Nottingham has got it all. From visiting my friends’ student houses and university accommodation, the places you want to be are either the Arboretum or Lenton. So let me tell you why!

Student Homes in Arboretum, Nottingham

Arboretum, nestled just short of a 5-minute walk from Nottingham Trent University and the city centre, offers the perfect blend of convenience and atmosphere. With a tram stop in the heart of the Arboretum, you have the choice to travel by tram into the centre or simply take a stroll, admiring the lovely scenic ponds, landscape, and paths of the Arboretum Park. The Arboretum is also next to the Forest Recreational Ground, a pitstop for runners, football lovers, or café hoppers, sipping on the finest brews while tackling their assignments.

With various types of student accommodation available in Arboretum, perfect for group living, this is a highly popular location for Nottingham Trent University students given the close distance to the student union, the library and all the shops. The student union gym is also right on your doorstep, helping you to keep fit and healthy while living in Nottingham.

Traveling to other areas is easy, with access to  buses, trains, lime bikes, scooters, and trams, leading you wherever you need to go in and around Nottingham, providing University of Nottingham students an easy option to travel to campus if they choose to live in Arboretum. Another noteworthy place is the Arboretum Park, an accredited Green Heritage Site, which has widely been considered the inspiration of author J.M Barrie for his Marvel Peter Pan! You’ll find groups of friends having picnics here in summer, kicking a ball around, or having a stroll, admiring the greenery and the pond!

I reached out to fellow students living in Arboretum, and here’s what they had to say: “Summer in the Arboretum is the best, everyone gets together and just has the best time. There is nothing better than meeting my friends on a hot summer day after I’ve been to university and relaxing with them before heading back home!”

Arboretum is a host to various events all year round, including Bands in the Park festival which  takes place in summer. It is bound to keep you entertained during your time in Nottingham. In the bustling neighbourhood of Arboretum, where students flock in abundance, I’ve witnessed first-hand how students here prioritise each other’s well-being, creating a supportive community where everyone looks out for one another. In this student-centric environment, you’ll find reassurance knowing that your peers have your back. My top things to do in the Arboretum are stroll around with friends, then visit the Arboretum café and the Forest Recreational ground, which is where I started my running journey.

Not sure where to live in Arboretum? Have a read of our other blog, which gives you an in-depth review of the student areas within Arboretum!


Key distances from Arboretum (walking):

  • Nottingham Trent University: 5-minutes
  • University of Nottingham: 40-minutes
  • Nottingham Train Station: 24- minutes

Student Homes in Lenton, Nottingham

Now onto Lenton, a vibrant student location that sits just 12 minutes’ walk away from the University of Nottingham and 27 minutes’ walk away from Nottingham Trent University. Lenton is the most popular place to live for all the University of Nottingham students, with a variety of student accommodation available in this location. A quick walk to the Jubilee Campus and a short 15-minute bus ride to the University Park Campus, Lenton’s convenient location is why it’s highly sought after. Lenton is a hub of student life, one of my favourite food spots is AvoCafe by Nytri2Go, a café and food delivery service specialising in healthy meals.

For entertainment, Savoy Cinema is the cutest cinema in the heart of Lenton and a hotspot for students any day of the week. Tickets are priced so cheap, so get ready to grab your popcorn and enjoy the show! Crawling with pubs everywhere you  turn, Lenton has a good range of local shops, supermarkets, takeaways, and pubs, and with Nottingham’s city centre just one mile away, you’ll have all the best high street brands close to you as well. Looking for places to eat and drink in Nottingham? Particularly for students, The Three Wheatsheaves and the Rose and Crown are most popular.

Being part of the run club “These girls run” means I’ll occasionally run through Lenton, so I get to admire all the lovely houses, greenery, and of course, the famous Nottingham Castle! Lenton has a great social and cultural atmosphere, with plenty of student housing. You don’t want to be stuck elsewhere as a University of Nottingham student especially, as everyone will be in the Lenton area! In the vibrant district of Lenton, renowned for its lively student population, a strong sense of safety prevails. In my experience, students in Lenton actively watch out for one another, forming a tight-knit community where mutual care and support thrive. Due to the convenience that Lenton offers, securing student houses in Nottingham is quite competitive! So, make sure to prepare well in advance if you want to live in this much sought-after area.

Key distances from Lenton (walking):

  • Nottingham University: 12-minute walk
  • Nottingham Trent University: 27-minute walk
  • Nottingham Train Station: 34-minute walk

Decisions, decisions…

Both Arboretum and Lenton offer unique experiences and are perfect havens for students seeking a balanced university life. If you are looking for student homes to rent in Nottingham, Student Cribs has your back in these vibrant districts! Offering student housing in Nottingham from studio flats for one, to spacious 6-bedroom houses, you can enjoy the best of both worlds – a lively neighbourhood and a cosy home.

Now that we’ve broken down the best student areas in Nottingham, it’s down to you to choose your favourite spot. I hope this guide helps you find the perfect spot to call home during your university years in Nottingham. If you have any questions or want more insights, feel free to check out Student Cribs social media and drop them a direct message, or enquire on their website.

Cheers to an incredible student life in Nottingham – may your housing search be as exciting as your university journey!

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