Comparison Of Russel Group First Year Halls Rent Prices


This research was initially undertaken to help us understand our prospective tenants' perception of pricing internally – but sharing is caring so we’ve decided to release it for other companies within the student housing sector to benefit from.

We went with the Russel Group as these are some of the most well-known of the United Kingdom’s Universities and paint a geographically diverse picture of the cost of first year student halls.  


Please be aware that the prices and tenancy lengths that you’ll find in the study are based on averages. We’ve been through each university website, looked for the prices of each of their halls, collated price by room type, and then produced an average weekly rent using these prices (So the research includes everything from en suite studios to shared bathroom cluster flats, since each university has multiple different room types this gives a good picture of cost per institution)

Tenancy lengths are also an average, with the majority of halls not charging first year students rent over summer but instead renting the accommodation short term to third parties. Price per contract is calculated by the average weekly rent multiplied by the average contract length.

We decided to split out self-catered and catered student accommodation, since the addition of prepared daily meals can be assumed to add a premium on to the accommodation's cost per week. Although surprisingly not in some rare cases wherein self catered accommodation actually costs more per week than catered accommodation. 


Most of the universities publish their prices and contracts on their website, with enough room types and contract lengths to give a precise representation of how much a year would cost. For certain universities, the information was not as easily accessible. Oxford and Cambridge universities don’t display a lot of information regarding their halls prices, but they do give a general average of cost per year of study.

Accommodation prices for King’s College in London were not available online so a member of our team called and spoke with a person from their accommodation services to find out how much a year in a King’s College hall would cost. All the figures for this university are then based on the conversation we had with this person. 

We've prepared the information in an infographic below - enjoy (If you'd like to include this information on your website please link back to

Want the data that was used below? Please email and I will forward it on to you.

Comparison of First Year Russel Group Student Accommodation Rent By Student Cribs
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