Instagram Accounts EVERY Student should follow

Published: Tuesday, 24 July 2018 | Author: Lydia Hamilton

For us millennials, social media is a core means of our communication and everyday living, which means for the masses of time we (reluctantly) admit to spending on WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook and so on, can prove to be a rather incredible but also heavily distracting addition to our lives. A student and their phone can often be a lethal combination when trying to study, however to avoid the plunge into procrastination, or even to make the time procrastinating a little more efficient, here’s a list of a few useful and beneficial Instagram accounts for students to follow.

Explore accounts relevant to your course

If you’re going to be scrolling through your Instagram feed, at least make some of the content relevant to what you’re studying at university. This is a great way to keep your brain active on the subject outside of the degree and can only add to your knowledge so far. Here’s a few options for several degrees:

-          @frenchwords. For those learning another language, this Instagram account has aesthetically pleasing photographs taken in France and translated quotes, phrases and words on minimalistic, clean posts.

-          @arch_more. For architecture and creative students, there a multitude of drawings, sketches and detailed plans of a variety of buildings reposted from other accounts. This is a great source to find a great stretch of architects and get inspired!

-          @subwaybookreview. For literary lovers, this account reveals all the commuters who are keen readers. Similar to the world-famous account @HumansofNY, this account reveals more than just the recommended book, but also the readers of literature, where you can read a snippet of their own, personal story as well as thoughts on what they’re currently reading.

-          @onepoundmeals. Upcoming chef, Miguel Barclay gains his appeal from particularly students by cooking single meals that cost no more than a £1 per serving – seems too good to be true right? Alongside three successful cookbooks, Barclay regularly posts recipes onto your feed, where through his videos you can see the quick and mouth-watering results.

-          @thebodycoach. Widely known across the UK, Joe Wicks produces quick and simple meals that has attracted the masses to try out for themselves. With health and fitness at the forefront of Wicks’ mind, he includes meal prep, workout videos and clientele progress photos; ideal for some of us who are sick of pizza and pesto pasta day-in day-out.

-          @mobkitchenuk. With the tagline of feeding your mob or “4 for under £10” this account provides an abundance of meals for its aimed demographic (students and young people) to try out. The account creatively cooks up unique recipes.

Motivational, “feel good” and pick-me-up insta’s

-          @studentstrugglesuk. Those days where life just isn’t going according to plan, this account can provide you with some solace knowing that many other students have probably endured the same kinda faff you have too. Amusing memes and current topics, this account at once relates, humours and suffers those student struggles with you.

-          @blackjaguarwhitetiger. An account that documents the lives of over 330 rescued big cats, we are given insight into the foundation that protects these animals. The posts of these felines are stunning with touching captions that update us on the animal’s health and daily life. For those who are animal lovers or cat crazy, this Instagram account is worth following.

-          @steinbergdrawscartoons. A couple of amusing cartoons on your feed may do the trick for some light entertainment besides all the selfies and travelling pics you’re likely to be bombarded with. A cartoonist for The New Yorker and a Kindergarten teacher, Avi Steinberg creates and posts daily his work for your enjoyment.

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